4001 A.D.: X-O Manowar #1 Review

4001-A.D. X-O Manowar 1-1X-O Manowar survives to 4001 A.D., but in what form?

By Nolan P. Smith

When Valiant Entertainments latest story line, 4001 A.D. kicked off, we saw a very different universe with some familiar faces, and familiar names:like the X-O Manowar mech suit used during the “War of the X-O Manowars”, which was stated in a passing moment. With this one shot, we got to see a look into how this X-O mech came to be and what the war looked like before the X-O suit was discovered once again in 4001 A.D.

From writer Robert Venditti and artist Clayton Henry, we get an outstanding stand alone chapter that adds more depth to the blue and yellow power suit. We see that many years from now, but way before the year 4001, New Japan was lifted to the Heavens and became it’s own superpower. The rest of the world saw this as a threat, and decided to manufacturer a means to attack New Japan: by utilizing a sliver of the famed X-O Manowar suit, now dormant in the form of a ball, the yellow and blue suit of armor is created. Not only that, but every nation created a mech that represents their territory as well to assist with the battle against New Japan and their sentient artificial intelligence known as The Father.

Venditti, no stranger to the Valiant Universe, scripts an excellent backstory full of legacy and action. To see all the variations of the X-O Manowar- Russia, France, and more, was a sight to behold. It had a very G-Gundam feel to it, which I loved. Henry’s artwork is always so crisp and clean, and the designs he crafts here leap off of the page with ease. Though not a required reading for those diving into 4001 A.D., this helps to world build to the future and shows how such an iconic piece of armor is poised to play a huge role in the coming months.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

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