Rick and Morty: Dungeons & Dragons #1 Directors Cut Review

By Amie Macias *** Contains Spoilers I am vindicated!! Ha, Ha, and HA! And F**k you to: All you naysayers and all who have looked down their noses at D&D players – it is as if I rolled an 18!!!! Because guess what ******s Rick looooves D&D!! HA!! Being a huge Rick & Morty fan,…Read moreRead more

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: A Discovery Adventure Review

By Amie Macias “Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered…” There isn’t a woman around who hasn’t seen Labyrinth, who can’t recite that passage from memory – or truthfully, any fan of the cult classic that won’t recite back with you the lyrics of Magic Dance. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, all I can…Read moreRead more

Ice Cream Man #1 Review

By Amie Macias I scream you scream we all scream for the Ice Cream Man! – Image Comic’s newest release. I love ice cream, and I love horror put them together and ice cream for more (I scream for more) – you see what I did there?  But who doesn’t love ice-cream? Add a murderess…Read moreRead more

The Evil Within: The Interlude Review

By Amie Macias Staff Reporter The thought of playing it either intrigued you, or scared the sh*t out of you. Of course, I’m talking about the Evil Within, Bethesda’s gruesome, psycho survival-horror video game. It’s been compared to other horror game Resident Evil and even been referenced it a Freddy Krueger meets the Matrix by…Read moreRead more

MillarWorld Annual 2017 Review: Brave New Talent

By Amie Macias Contributing Reviewer This week I had the privilege of reading the MillarWorld New Talent Annual 2017.  It showcased stories from Kick-ass, Empress, Superior, Nemesis, Super Crooks, and Huck with new artists and writers.

Gasolina #1 Review

By Amie Macias This week, I got to check out an awesome new series from Image Comics and Skybound in the form of Gasolina. How was it?

Angelic #1 Review

Flying Monkeys and More Abound in Angelic By Amie Macias Flying monkeys meet rocket dolphins in a battle royal of the imagination of Mr. Simon Spurrier (Judge Dredd) & Mr. Casper Wijngaard (Limbo) in Angelic from Image Comics.

Advance Review: Redlands #2 from Image Comics


By Amie Macias When last we left Jordie Bellaire and Vanesa R. Del Rey’s wicked trio they were claiming the town of Redlands.

Extremity Vol.1 Review: Give Her a Hand

Image Comics/Skybound Original Series Extremity is Violently Artful By Amie Macias Daniel Warren Johnson’s imagination has everything in this comic at its extremity!  From the intense artwork with colorist Mike Spicer’s work jumping off the page and in your face to the fiery storyline, the first collection of the hit series Extremity is a sight…Read moreRead more

Spencer & Locke TPB Review: Imaginary Amazement

Spencer & Loicke

Action Lab’s hit series Spencer & Locke is now a collected in trade paperback form By Amie Macias Action Lab’s beloved series, Spencer & Locke is now collected in a four issue graphic novel. Created by David Pepose, Jorge Santiago Jr., Jasen Smith, and Colin Bell, this is an action packed detective story.

By Chance or Providence Review

Image Comics Releases Cloonan’s By Chance or Providence By Amie Macias Image Comics and Eisner Award winner Becky Cloonan team up in By Chance or Providence. Cloonan has beautifully sculpted fiction into three stand alone tales. Not only does she warn her audience with the cover that this book is going to be dark, but…Read moreRead more

Advance Review: Redlands #1

By Amie Macias I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting for this book to come out since I first heard mention of it months ago. Let me tell you, it does not disappoint. Image Comics brings us another astounding debut with Redlands #1, which is set to be released on August 9th.

A.D.: After Death Hardcover Review: What’s Death?

A.D.: After Death

Image Comic’s A.D.: After Death gets collected By Amie Macias A.D.: After Death is unlike any comic book I have ever seen or read.

Babyteeth #1 Review


By Amie Macias AfterShock Comics has brought the world a variety of books: from a legendary historic hero team up to a world overran by talking animals. Now, AfterShock brings us the beginning of the end with Babyteeth. When earthquakes announce the arrival of little baby Clark, his naive mother of 16, Sadie, has no…Read moreRead more

Kill the Minotaur #1 Review: Something Old, Something New

Kill the Minotaur dives horn deep into the world of Mythology By Amie Macias One of the best things about myths and legends is their ability to adapt over time, yet still remain true (enough) to the original story.  It seems, that time and time again, an author is able to put their own creative…Read moreRead more

Winnebago Graveyard #1 Review

Winnebago Graveyard Rides in Style By Amie Macias Wow, this book took me back! Reminiscent of the cult classic horror movies of my youth, right down to the satanic, hooded figures. We are introduced to the quaint town of Acton, where on the welcome sign it states, “for an hour or a lifetime,” leaving us…Read moreRead more

Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks #1 Review

Mahfood’s Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks delves into the world’s seedy underbelly By Amie Macias This week I jumped head first without a parachute into the psychedelic, drug induced madness that is known as the Grrl Scouts: Magic Scouts from Image Comics.

Plastic #1 Review: Guilty Pleasure


Plastic astounds in its own way By Amie Macias Lucky for me, my editor picked me to read and review this sick comic, Plastic #1 from Image Comics. I mean sick in the good ‘ol fashioned dark comedy, perverted and gory sort of way; my favorite type of stories. Of course it’s also the sort…Read moreRead more

AFAR Review: Fantasy Greatness


Image Comics brings another strong debut with AFAR By Amie Macias Image Comics definitely found another talent belonging to artist, Leila del Duca, (known for drawing Shutter), as a writer.  She does an amazing job of bringing the reader into not one, but several different fantasy worlds within this one story.

The Assignment Collection Review: Revenge Reassigned

The Assignment TPB

Titan Comics Brings a New Twist to the Anti-Hero with The Assignment By Amie Macias (Contains Spoilers!) The Assignment is a disturbing whirlwind of a tale is built on revenge plot on top of revenge plot. A story such as this one, is not made for everyone, mind you, but if you can stomach your…Read moreRead more

Rowans Ruin Vol. 1 Review: Super Natural

Boom! Studios Collects the Limited Series Rowans Ruin in Time for the Holidays By Amie Macias Contributing Reviewer Boom! Studios captivates us with Mike Carey’s Rowans Ruin, and with this trade paperback, we get the whole limited series. We are introduced to our heroine, Katie, by way of blog and video chats.  She has agreed…Read moreRead more

Echoes Review: If I Could Turn Back Time

Mike Richardson and Gabriel Guzman Ask “what would you do?” in Echoes By Amie Macias Contributing Reviewer Dark Horse Comics Echoes has an Outer Limits/Twilight Zone vibe to it, which, when you think of it, is a great vibe to have. We are first introduced to our main character, Freddy, as we watch how one…Read moreRead more

Creatures of the Night Review: Perfectly Dark

Creatures of the Night should be on your must read list Review by Amie Macias Contributing Reviewer Dark Horse Comics once again brilliantly paired Neil Gaiman’s dark and beautiful storytelling with Michael Zulli’s elegant artwork in this graphic novel collection, Creatures of the Night.  This book contains two amazing yet creepy short stories from Smoke…Read moreRead more

Mayday #1 Review


Alex de Campi and Co Make Mayday an Experience By Amie Macias Alex de Campi, known for works like Semiautomagic, does an amazing job bringing this tale of espionage to life, along with artist Tony Parker and inker Blond. Issue one of this five part mini series takes us through a fast paced story about…Read moreRead more

Graphic Novel Review: Troll Bridge

Gaiman and Doran Bring Troll Bridge to Life By Amie Macias Contributing Guest Reviewer Colleen Doran and Neil Gaiman team up and do an amazing job with Dark Horse Comics of bringing a delightfully dark graphic novel to life in Troll Bridge.  Doran’s attention to detail and artful use of layering gives each page the…Read moreRead more