Elsewhere #1 Review

The Amelia Earhart Story Continues with Elsewhere By Art Macias Did you ever wonder what happened to the legendary Amelia Earhart? Well, then, Elsehwere by Image Comics is for you! Created by Jay Faerber (The Titans,Copperhead) and Sumeyye Kesgin (Rise of the Magi, September Mourning) is a tale that begins shortly after an ill fated…Read moreRead more

Shirtless Bear Fighter #1 Review

Image Comics Brings the Fight with Shirtless Bear Fighter By Art Macias The title alone, Shirtless Bear Fighter,makes you want to see what this book is all about!

Regression #2 Review: Bending Reality

By Art Macias The wait for the second issue of Regression is over! Brought to you by Image Comics and the team of Cullen Bunn (writer) and Danny Luckert (artist), issue #2 picks up right after the surprisingly gruesome ending of the first issue.

Regression #1 Review

Image Comics Brings the Horror with Regression By Art Macias Image Comics has scored with another winner! Regression #1 is a one of a kind book that hits on all cylinders.

Underwinter #1 Review: Fawkes Brings Modern Horror to Image


This Image Comic’s debut for Underwinter is the beginning of something truly awesome By Art Macias Created by Ray Fawkes (The People Inside, One Soul, and Constantine), Underwinter begins his tale with a beautiful mixture of word and art that grabs the readers attention right away. His use of watercolors gives the story an almost…Read moreRead more

The Belfry One-Shot Review: A Frightening Ride


Image Comics The Belfry is terrifying yet beautiful By Art Macias My review for this week comes in the form of Image Comics “The Belfry”, a horror, one-shot written and drawn by Gabriel Hardman (Savage She-Hulk, Planet of the Apes, Kinski).

Beowulf Review: A Classic Reborn

Garcia and Rubin bring the timeless Beowulf to Image Comics By Art Macias The book I had the pleasure of reading this week was Beowulf from Image Comics. This hardcover collection brings the legendary tale to life in sequential art form., thanks to creators Santiago Garcia and David Rubin.

The Mummy #1 Review: Reinventing a Horror Classic

The Mummy stomps its way back to the spotlight By Art Macias Contributing Reviewer The Mummy: Palimpest #1 is a new book by Hammer Comics and Titan Comics, which has put a new twist on the mummy legend. It is now time for a secret sect to try to bring back a powerful force, which…Read moreRead more

Aleister & Adolf Review: Mysticism and History

Aleister & Adolf Tackles a Dark Time Perfectly By Art Macias Contributing Reviewer This month, Dark Horse Comics released the graphic novel Aleister & Adolf, a book from the minds of Douglas Rushkoff and Michael Avon Oeming. A tale that begins in the jaded here and now of our modern tech age and journeys back…Read moreRead more

Throwaways #1 Review

By Art Macias Contributing Guest Reviewer The book I got a hold of this week is the Throwaways first issue by Image Comics.  The story starts off in the middle of a vicious battle with two against a squad of military black ops, who are trying to kill them for unknown reasons.  At the end…Read moreRead more

Lucas Stand #1 Review- Taking a Stand

By Art Macias Contributing Guest Reviewer This week’s comic book review for me came in the form of Kurt Sutter’s Lucas Stand from Boom Studios. This series comes from the mind of Kurt Sutter, from a little TV show known as Sons of Anarchy.  As we first meet the main character Lucas, we see him…Read moreRead more

The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch Review

This classic tale by Neil Gaiman is back in this new edition By Art Macias Contributing Guest Reviewer The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch is by Neil Gaiman, a name comic book fans and novel fans alike should know very well. The man brought the world his iconic run on…Read moreRead more

Nailbiter: The Murder Edition Vol. 1 Review

Image Comics Collects Nailbiter in a Hardcover, Murder Edition By Art Macias Contributing Guest Reviewer This hardcover of the Nailbiter series from Image Comics features issues 1-10, which were originally published back in 2014 and was critically acclaimed upon its release. It centers on the story of Edward Charles Warren: a serial killer known for…Read moreRead more

Halo: Fall of Reach TPB Review

Halo Fall of Reach

The Master Chief’s origin story is told in Halo: Fall of Reach from Dark Horse Comics By Art Macias Contributing Guest Reviewer (Inland Empire)– For those familiar with the Halo video game series, or military and war style action, this trade paperback collection from Dark Horse Comics is for you.  An awesome tale of the…Read moreRead more

Predator: Life and Death #1 Review

The Predator is Back in a New Limited Series By Art Macias Contributing Guest Reviewer (Inland Empire)– Let me start off by saying I have not picked up a Predator comic in quite sometime and was a little apprehensive for fear that I may be lost in the storyline.  The storied film franchise has also…Read moreRead more