Stellar #1 Review- It’s Stellar!

By Jesse Ramirez Image Comics’ Stellar #1 sets up an interesting premise to what will surely be a lengthy series. This first issue is no doubt the tip of the iceberg, and it’s already got my full interest! Stellar #1 is a space story, which can be difficult to maneuver, but it seems the writers…Read moreRead more

The Gravediggers Union #6 Review- The Tipping Point

By Jesse Ramirez Image Comics’ The Gravediggers Union series continues on its enthralling journey of both excellence and wickedness! There are a lot of things that work about this series, and I find that the overall tone and scope of these comics are among the principal points of enjoyment for me. Everything comes together to…Read moreRead more

Dungeons & Dragons- Evil at Baldur’s Gate #1 Review

By Jesse Ramirez This first issue from IDW Publishing, written by Jim Zub and illustrated by Dean Kotz, chronicles a return to Baldur’s Gate by a group of heroes led by Minsc the Mighty and his thirst for justice! The issue strikes me as something a non comic reader would expect from a comic, in…Read moreRead more

Gravediggers Union #3 Review- Excellent Storytelling

By Jesse Ramirez Contributing Guest Reviewer The Gravediggers series continues to deliver with another well balanced and entertaining issue! It’s definitely an intriguing and exciting new offer from Image Comics.

Doctor Radar #1 Review- Thrilling and Refreshing

By Jesse Ramirez Contributing Guest Reviewer What an amazing start to this new Titan Comics Series! Doctor Radar #1, written by Noel Simsolo, with artwork from Bezian, is a complete thriller from start to finish. A 1920’s setting, a murderer on the loose, and an eager detective ready for the hunt; it kind of sounds…Read moreRead more

Riftworld Legends #4 Review- The Plot Thickens

By Jesse Ramirez Contributing Guest Reviewer Things are beginning to really heat up in this issue,of Riftworld Legends and it’s clear that this is still just the beginning! Big thing are sure to come for this spectacular series!

Gravediggers Union #1 Review

By Jesse Ramirez Contributing Guest Reviewer There’s so much to love about this issue, It has everything I look for in a comic and more!

Riftworld Legends #3 Review- Setting the Bar High

By Jesse Ramirez Contributing Guest Reviewer After the first two issues, we knew we were in for a treat, and issue #3 keeps the bar high for what I’m now certain will be an amazing series from start to finish.

Maestros #1 Review: Originality at it’s Finest

By Jesse Ramirez Contributing Guest Reviewer Uncensored, original, and aesthetically pleasing. This issue has all of the ingredients for an instant hit!

Retcon #1 Review- Originality and Realism Collide with Amazing Results


By Jesse Ramirez Contributing Guest Reviewer An extremely original, action packed story that mixes real world issues with fantastical elements? Count me in!

Riftworld Legends #2 Review- An Exciting Continuation of a Great Adventure

By Jesse Ramirez Contributing Guest Reviewer Issue #1 of the Riftworld Legends series left us waiting for the epic adventure tale to continue, and Issue #2 definitely delivers!

Riftworld Legends #1 Review- Journey into a New World

Drift into Riftworld Legends By Jesse Ramirez Contributing Guest Reviewer What’s the most exciting thing about reading? Arguably, it’s the fact that we can enter new worlds entirely different from the one we live in, and engage with characters that we find connections with.

Spy Seal #1 Review: An exciting new take on the British spy story

Spy Seal

By Jesse Ramirez Contributing Guest Reviewer The British spy has become a bit of an archetype (think James Bond); a story that’s been told time and time again. So how can this story be given new life? How can it be told in an original and refreshing way?