WWE's John Cena Rocks Pink for Cancer Awareness

The champ is here! WWE announced today a new John Cena shirt that is for a great cause. For every one of these pink John Cena shirts that is sold, the WWE will give 100% of the profits to Susan G. Komen For The Cure. This runs up until October 31st, so you got time…Read moreRead more

Hero Initiative and Image Comics Partner Up for Image's First "100 Project"-The Walking Dead #100

This is really an amazing project. This week, Hero Initiative and Image Comics announced their first ever partnership with the 100 Project-dedicated to the smash hit of 2012, The Walking Dead #100. Though Hero has done quite a few 100 Projects, this is it’s first for Image Comics. The point of it is to have…Read moreRead more

Death Rolls This December in Avengers Arena

It’s like Battle Royal, Hunger Games and Superheroes: how can that NOT be good? Marvel Comics announced this week that many of the Marvel Universe’s young heroes will be going into a kill or be killed situation with December’s Avengers Arena. The book will take 16 young heroes and put them into Muderworld, the home…Read moreRead more

MacGyver Returns This October From Image Comics

Get ready for MacGyver! Image Comics announced this week that one of the most innovative minds on television is coming to the four color page this October. This will be the first new MacGyver story in 20 years, so make sure to pick up the first in a 5 issue miniseries when it’s in stores…Read moreRead more

Disneys Oswald the Lucky Rabbit becomes Oswald the Lucky Chaser!

  Back in June at the E3 Expo Disney gave us a first look at a very old character.Locked away in the Disney vault since the early days of the company,Oswald the Lucky Rabbit has been released to star alongside Mickey Mouse in the second installment of the Epic Mickey games. Since then,Vinylmation fans wondered…Read moreRead more

Marvel NOW: Cable and X-Force

It’s another fresh start for X-Force. As part of the Marvel NOW movement, Marvel announced the return of Cable to the team he made famous, X-Force. Writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Salvador Larroca bring the team of outlaws back to the Marvel Universe, with Cable leading the pack. The team is a mix of old,…Read moreRead more

UPDATE: Jerry The King Lawler Did Not Suffer Brain Damage

This the great news we had hoped for today. Both Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler’s ex-wife Stacy “The Kat” Carter have tweeted that the test results show no brain damage to Lawler. During Monday Night Raw, Lawler suffered a heart attack at ringside, and went into surgery yesterday. Here are the tweets: @stacycarterkat: The rumors…Read moreRead more

Marvel NOW's Thunderbolts: An All New Team Led by The Red Hulk

That’s one deadly team! Marvel Comics announced today that the Thunderbolts is getting a total overhaul for its Marvel NOW relaunch, and it’s team members aren’t exactly team players. Written by Daniel Way with art by Steve Dillon, the team will now be led by General Thunderbolt Ross, better known as the Red Hulk these…Read moreRead more

UPDATE: WWE's Jerry The King Lawler's Son Updates on His Father's Condition

Brian Christopher Lawler, son of WWE Hall of Famer Jerry The King Lawler and former WWE superstar, released a statement Tuesday on his father’s condition: “Ok, here’s the latest real update. Lauren and I are here at the hospital in Montreal. He does not look good at all. He is responsive to questions that he…Read moreRead more

Dead or Alive 5 New Character Trailer: Mila

Fight! Team Ninja revealed another character for it’s fifth outing in the Dead or Alive series. Check out the video below which showcases Mila, an up and coming MMA fighter who can take a punch. The action, the environments, they all look amazing! Dead or Alive 5 hits stores September 25th! [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oNG2lzbBzQ&w=640&h=360]

A Samurai Jack Movie???

Hey Jack! Samurai Jack was THE best cartoon on Cartoon Network, hands down, but it’s been gone for years. With hopes of a new series, a movie, anything, fans finally got some word, straight from the man himself. IGN spoke to series creator and visionary Genndy Tartakovsky about the long rumored new Samurai Jack project,…Read moreRead more

The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 Preview- Your Favorite Nightmare

I can’t wait for this to finally be released! Check out the newest preview for The Dark Knight Rises Part 1, which hits stores September 25th from Warner Home Video. Every preview I see gets me more and more ready for this epic to be animated. Don’t know what The Dark Knight Rises is? Ok,…Read moreRead more

CW's Arrow Debuts October 10th + New Preview "Justice"

I am hoping this hits its mark. Arrow, based off of DC Comic’s emerald archer Green Arrow, gets the TV series treatment this fall with hopes of filling the gap left by Smallville. Set for a premeire night of October 10th, CW released a new trailer titled “Justice”. Now, I have zero expectations for this…Read moreRead more

Vertigo's Y: The Last Man Becoming A Major Motion Picture?

Another modern day classic may be headed to the silver screen. Y: The Last Man looks to be on it’s way, as Vulture reported that sources have revealed that the project is a priority for New Line Cinema. A script the studio is pleased with is in, which comes from Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia,…Read moreRead more

9/11- We Will Never Forget

Today marks the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 terrorists attacks on America. It’s been a long, hard eleven years, and America has tried to move forward, and in some ways it has. But to all who witnessed the fall of the Twin Towers, the attack on the Pentagon, and the brave passengers who took over…Read moreRead more

2012 Harvey Award Winners!

Award time! The Harvey Awards were presented this weekend, and the books that won it are very deserving, no questions. Winners include Mark Waid’s amazing run on Daredevil, the awesome anthology series Dark Horse Presents, and what I think is one of the best hardcovers to ever be released: Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand. Check…Read moreRead more

WWE's Jerry The King Lawler Collapses During Raw, Rushed To Hospital

During tonight’s Monday Night Raw, Announcer Jerry The King Lawler collapsed during a match while at ringside. He was immediately rushed to a nearby medical facility. Here is the official word from WWE.com: During the tag team match between Kane & Daniel Bryan and The Prime Time Players tonight on Raw, viewers may have noticed…Read moreRead more

Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates Hit Stores This Month

It’s almost time to throw down, minimate style! Minimates based off the hit fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken will hit stores this month, and what a line up it is! Art Asylum put up a gallery of photos showcasing the line: I picked a few, but feel free to visit the Art Asylum blog…Read moreRead more

The Ultimate Iron Patriot Wants YOU!

Here comes the Iron Patriot again, but who’s under the mask? Marvel.com has revealed the cover to Ultimate Comics Ultimates #19, which features a familiar star spangled armor. The Iron Patriot is front and center, but who is it? In the regular Marvel Universe, the Iron Patriot is Norman Osborn, better known as the Green…Read moreRead more

Valiant's Eternal Warrior Comes to Throwdown with Archer and Armstrong This December

It’s gonna be a slobberknocker, alright! Valiant Entertainment sent word out today that the “Wrath of the Eternal Warrior” will be heading on a collision course with the dysfunctional duo Archer and Armstrong this December. Family reunion? Yes, the kind where heads will roll. For those that don’t know, the Eternal Warrior is the brother…Read moreRead more

Marvel NOW Avengers Line Up Assembled!

It takes three covers, but they have assembled! Marvel.com has officially released the covers for Avengers #1, which is the crown jewel to the Marvel NOW movement. Check out the line up so far, and let’s dissect who’s who: Ok, let’s start on the left: obviously, we have Captain America, Wolverine and the Hulk. Looking…Read moreRead more

Chopping Block Review: ParaNorman

Review by Nolan P. Smith-Pastrami Nation I have seen trailers for ParaNorman since last year. When I saw the first one, which had a very odd song choice for the trailer and nothing to really grab the audience, I thought it was an easy pass. Then, the more I saw of the film, including the…Read moreRead more

Fightin' Fanboys with Impact Wrestlings Rob Van Dam and SoCal Val

The whole f’n show! Marvel.com has posted up an interview by Impact Wrestling’s SoCal Val with Mr. Thursday Night himself, Rob Van Dam! Impact Wrestling has been doing quite a few of these interviews, and I gotta say, I’m loving it. Impact seems to have found a great way to spotlight their stars and reach…Read moreRead more

Bluefin/ Tamashii Reveals D-Arts Classic Megaman Figure with Rush!

The original blue bomber is back in action figure form! Bluefin/Tamashii, the company behind the highly successful D-Arts line which includes Megaman X, has added another version of Capcom’s trigger happy hero to their line up. Coming this January is a figure of the original Megaman, complete with Rush and a hard hat! Tell me…Read moreRead more

Killzone Trilogy Hits Stores October 23rd

The word going around was spot on. Rumors had been swirling around that a Killzone collection would be coming soon, and today it is official. The Killzone Trilogy hits stores October 23rd on the PS3 for a mere $40, and comes with Killzone, Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 with DLC. The original game has upgraded…Read moreRead more

Valiant Teases Wrath of the Eternal Warrior for the Baltimore Comic-Con This Weekend

Get ready for another return to glory. Valiant Entertainment sent out a teaser today that has got the comic world talking. It looks like one of the surprises to be announced at the Baltimore Comic-Con will be Wrath of the Eternal Warrior. Eternal Warrior is a past Valiant title that ran for 50 issues, and…Read moreRead more

Sina Grace's Not My Bag Hits This October From Image Comics

It’s a slice of life. Sina Grace, the artist behind the hit Lil’ Depressed Boy and former Editor for the books by The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman, is now striking out on his own with Not My Bag, an original graphic novel that hits stores in October. According to the Image Comic’s press release, NOT…Read moreRead more

Monsters Inc in 3D Hits Theaters December 19th

Sully, Mike and the gang are back and in 3D!!! Monsters, Inc is heading back to theaters just in time for the holidays! Disney always does an outstanding job with the 3D process, so this is bound to add to an already great film. Check out the trailer below, and get ready to revisit a…Read moreRead more

The Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon is Being Collected on DVD November 13th

Cowabunga!!! The classic, zany cartoon that made the heroes in a half shell a pop culture staple is being collected and released November 13th on DVD with an awesome box set! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Complete Classic Series Collection comes packed with 23 disc… that’s a lot of good memories!!! Check out the official description…Read moreRead more

Taken 2 Hits Theaters October 5th + New Trailer!

We all remember the infamous quote: “I will find you, I will kill you…” Liam Neeson’s action blockbuster took the world by storm, and cemented Neeson as an action film bad ass. Now, we get a sequel… and I have high hopes for this! Check out the brand new trailer below, and check out the…Read moreRead more