GameStop Injustice Gods Among Us Pre Orders Receive Red Son DLC Pack

That’s Elseworlds for ya. GameStop announced that when customers pre order the new DC Comics fighter, Injustice Gods Among Us, they will get a little something in return…a little red. The Red Son DLC pack will boasts skins for characters straight from and inspired by the alternate reality of Superman: Red Son, which puts the…Read moreRead more

How You Can Help Peter David During This Impossible Time

Want to help? Here’s how. Kathleen David, wife of famed comic book writer and author Peter David, posted the message below, which offers an update on Peter and ways to help during this difficult time. For those that don’t know, Peter suffered a stroke while on vacation with his family on December 29th. While recovering,…Read moreRead more

Twenty Hours to go for The Adventures of the 19XX on Kickstarter!

Less than a day left! The Adventures of the 19XX, an awesome Steampunk/Dieselpunk graphic novel on Kickstarter, is reaching the end of its funding window, but it’s not too late! You can still get yourself the reprinted hardcover of volume 1, even volume 2 as well as tons more! It’s already reached its funding goal,…Read moreRead more

Superman-Man of Steel Trailer…as Legos!

You will believe a Lego can fly. Check out an amazing recreation of the latest Man of Steel trailer, brought to Lego life by Antonio Toscano, Andrea Toscano and Francesco Patanè. It’s amazing what some people can do: remember, this is a fan made piece, even though it looks as professional as ever. [youtube]

Injustice Gods Among Us Hits Stores April 16th, Collector’s and Battle Editions Also Available

It’s time for…justice! Warner Bros. Interactive and DC Entertainment announced the official release date for the new DC Comic’s fighter today. Injustice Gods Among Us will hit stores April 16th in North America, and will be available on the X-Box 360, PS3 and Wii U systems. But that’s not all! In addition to the regular…Read moreRead more

Marvel Minimates Series 50-The Finished Product of the Fan’s Choice Series

Onslaught! Check out the 50th series of Marvel Minimates, as voted by the fans! Over 30,000 votes were cast, and this is the results. Personally, I love the way they turned out, especially Onslaught and Baron Zemo II. The line up is as follows, directly from The winning Minimates are Cyborg Spider-Man and Songbird,…Read moreRead more

X-O Manowar #8 Review- The Boiling Point

Review by Nolan P. Smith Writer: Robert Venditti Artist: Lee Garbett Publisher: Valiant Entertainment Website: The Valiant universe came back in 2012 to a extremely strong showing. X-O Manowar led the charge, showing the world why the gold and blue hero has remained a pop culture icon since the previous Valiant run. This current…Read moreRead more

Saga #9 Review- The Will Strikes Back

Review by Nolan P. Smith Writer: Brian K. Vaughn Artist: Fiona Staples Publisher: Image Comics Website: Saga has been, hands down, a runaway hit. From the first issue in early 2012, the book has showed originality at its finest. Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples have created a book that continues to get better…Read moreRead more

The Bounce Bounces Into Stores This May from Image Comics

Dark Horse’s Hellboy in Hell #2 Sells Out, Second Print on the Way

Looks like death has been kind to Hellboy. Hellboy in Hell #2, the second issue to the newest Hellboy book written and drawn by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. The book focuses on the fallen hero as he continues the journey even after death. Check out the press release from Dark Horse below: HELLBOY IN HELL…Read moreRead more

Marvel NOW Brings an All Female X-Men Team This April from Wood and Coipel

Get ready for an all new, all different, all ladies X-Men! Marvel announced today that the teaser with the XX from last week is indeed an all female X-Men team, which will be showcased in the new X-Men #1 by Brian Wood and Oliver Coipel. Check out the press release from Marvel below: The Future…Read moreRead more

Star Wars #1 Sells Out in 24 Hours!

Looks like the force is still with them. Star Wars #1, the start to the new ongoing series from Dark Horse, has officially sold out! The book, by Brian Wood, Carlos D’Anda with covers by the legendary Alex Ross, has sold out and is headed to a second printing next month. Check out the press…Read moreRead more

Marvel Now-Time for a Revolution

Sounds like a revolution. Check out the latest Marvel NOW teaser, which shows a change in artist for Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men. This April, it looks like Briand Michael Bendis will be greeted by artist Frazer Irving for the core X-Men title. Looks awesome, picking up Uncanny when it hits this month, and plan to continue…Read moreRead more

Image Comic’s Skullkickers Get Mighty This April!

Gotta love the homages. Image Comic’s zany, action busting series Skullkickers is back with another homage to the house of ideas. This time, the series gets mighty with a throwback to the God of Thunder. Awesomely well done, I gotta say I am loving this homages (Uncanny, Savage and now Mighty). Here’s the official word…Read moreRead more

The Victories #5 Review- It’s All Down to This

Review by Nolan P. Smith-Pastrami Nation Writer: Michael Avon Oeming Artist: Michael Avon Oeming Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Website: This series has been building to a boiling point, and with the last few issues it’s been going at light speed. Now, with the big finale for this mini series, how does Oeming’s The Victories…Read moreRead more

Meet the New Geomancer in Valiant’s Archer and Armstrong #6

It just keeps getting better! Check out the info on Valiant Entertainment’s Archer and Armstrong #6, which introduces a new Geomancer after the last one…um…could no longer breathe. Check out the info below, and a six page preview after the jump! Meet the New GEOMANCER in ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #6! Valiant is proud to present…Read moreRead more

Five Ghosts-The Haunting of Fabian Gray Hits March 20th from Image Comics

It’s a haunting good time! Image Comics sent out a press release today regarding a new miniseries hitting stores this March; Five Ghosts-The Haunting of Fabian Gray. Check out the press release, along with some art, below! FIVE GHOSTS, ONE VESSEL A treasure hunter is possessed in Image Comics’ new miniseries Frank J. Barbiere and…Read moreRead more

Dark Horse Comics Teams with American McGee’s Spicy Horse Studios to Bring Akaneiro to the World of Comics

Another exciting world is coming to Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse announced today that they will be teaming up with American McGee’s Spicy Horse studios to make a comic based off of the game, Akaneiro, which is currently up on Kickstarter. Check out the press release below! DARK HORSE TEAMS WITH AMERICAN MCGEE’S SPICY HORSE…Read moreRead more

Marvel NOW-Birth

And now… birth! The new Marvel NOW teaser is up, and it’s about birth. Jason Aaron and Simone Bianchi are the creators behind this one, which makes me think it maybe be mutant/Wolverine related. Only time will tell…

Marvel NOW: I SCREAM for Deadpool!

You scream, I scream, we all scream for…Deadpool! Another Marvel NOW teaser hit today, with a creative change for Marvel’s merc with a mouth, Deadpool! Here is the info from Marvel: The Future of Marvel NOW! Is I SCREAM. Gerry Duggan. Brian Posehn. Mike Hawthorne. April 2013 So far, I’m loving the new Deadpool book…Read moreRead more

Black Beetle #0 Sells Out-First Issue Out Next Week!

Hurray for The Black Beetle! Dark Horse Comics newest pulp hero has sold out! Black Beetle #0, which recounted the stories from Dark Horse Presents, has now sold out as the epic first issue release in one week! Check out the press release from Dark Horse below, as well as an extended preview! FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA’S…Read moreRead more

Marvel Now-The Future is Smash with Walt Simonson on the Indestructible Hulk!

Hulk will smash in all his glory this April. The comic book legend Walt Simonson will provide his glorious visuals to the Indestructible Hulk this April. Check out the info from Marvel below: The Future of Marvel NOW! Is SMASH. Mark Waid. Walter Simonson. April 2013 Now, I love the Indestructible Hulk thus far, but…Read moreRead more

Marvel NOW- The Future is FIRED for the Superior Spider-Man

Yoooooooour fired! Those seem to be the words that the Avengers tell the new Superior Spider-Man by the looks of the newest teaser for Marvel NOW. Here’s what info was available: The Future of Marvel NOW! Is FIRED. Dan Slott. Humberto Ramos. April 2013 Wonder why he’s fired? Could it be because of who the…Read moreRead more

57 Hours to Go for Bad Karma’s Kickstarter!

That’s less than three days! Time is running out to be a part of Bad Karma, the awesome comic book and prose collection coming from the collective minds of, well, Bad Karma (Alex Grecian, Jeremy Haun, B. Clay Moore & Seth Peck, plus more!) The project has already reached it’s funding goal, now it’s on…Read moreRead more

The Future of Marvel NOW is Explosive! Noto on Thunderbolts!

Justice…like lightning! Marvel has sent out another teaser for a Marvel NOW book, but this one is pretty easy to put together: it’s the Thunderbolts getting a new artist, Phil Noto! Now, why Elektra and the Punisher are so…friendly, I don’t know, but Noto’s art is always top notch so it should be a fun…Read moreRead more

New Marvel NOW Teaser: The Future of Marvel NOW is XX

Ready for another teaser? Marvel sent out a new teaser today, keeping in the style of the one word teasers that Marvel NOW has been known for. But this time: it’s two letters, XX. This was the only text included in the email: The Future of Marvel NOW! Is XX. Brian Wood. Olivier Coipel. April…Read moreRead more

19 Hours to go to be a Part of Ichido on Kickstarter!

Less than a day left! Want a kick ass comic with a vibe of the old Kurosawa flicks, with some mechs thrown in for good measure? Then you have 19 hours to help fund Ichido Book One on Kickstarter. The project has already met its goal, so this is happening. But if the funds reach…Read moreRead more

Former WWE Superstar Batista is Up for the Role of Drax The Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy!

The Animal is back! Big Dave Batista, better known as Batista during his WWE days (or Deacon Batista, which was horrid), is up for the role of the muscle to Marvel’s cosmic super team, Guardians of the Galaxy: Drax! Drax, who has changed appearances drastically since his days in the 90’s in the Silver Surfer…Read moreRead more

New Trailer for The Dark Knight Returns Part 2-On DVD/Blu Ray January 29th!

The showdown of the heroes is here. The Dark Knight Returns comes to an animated conclusion this month with the release of the Dark Knight Returns Part 2 from Warner Brothers Home Video. This is the epic conclusion to Frank Miller’s classic tale of an aging Batman in a very dangerous world. Batman takes on…Read moreRead more

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Running for Star Lord in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

From DC to possibly Marvel… Joseph Gordon-Levitt, known for Inception, Looper, and most of all, Angels in the Outfield, cemented his name in DC Comic’s lore with last year’s The Dark Knight Rises. Well, he may be leading a super team alright, just not for DC. Levitt is one of a few names in the…Read moreRead more