Long Beach Comic Expo 2018- Young Bucks Cosplayers!

By Nolan P. Smith Our Long Beach Comic Expo coverage is starting to go online, and first, we kick it off with some really cool cosplayers who dressed up as one of the greatest tag teams in the world, The Young Bucks! Check out the photos and video! 

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con Amazes With Year Seven

By Nolan P. Smith Photos by Nolan P. Smith I remember attending the first Los Angeles Comic Con, then known as the Comikaze Expo. Fast forward to 2017, and Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con (LACC) is no longer the “new kid” on the convention circuit- they are a heavyweight contender. Once again residing in…Read moreRead more

Long Beach Comic Con 2017 Heats Up The Southland

Long Beach Comic Con is what a comic convention is all about By Nolan P. Smith Photos by Nolan P. Smith This weekend, Long Beach became the Labor Day weekend destination as the Long Beach Comic Con invaded the city’s convention center. I have visited this convention for the past two years, and I must…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2017: The Final Frontier for SDCC Cosplay

Our final cosplay coverage for SDCC is here! By Nolan P. Smith Photos by Nolan P. Smith and Jason T. Smith Here is the last of our coverage of the amazing cosplay around the San Diego Comic Con! From a Star Lord trooper with his own soundtrack, to the bombshells of the DCU, there was…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2017- Cosplay Round 1!

Cosplayers took center stage at the San Diego Comic Con By Nolan P. Smith When you think of conventions, you think of long lines, autographs, and, of course, cosplay. The cosplayers were out in full effect in San Diego, this is a mere sampling of the amazing cosplay around the convention floor. More photos coming…Read moreRead more

Pastrami Nation Podcast! Cosplay, Free Comic Book Day, Image Comics, Power Rangers and More!

The Latest Pastrami Nation Podcast is Here! Check out the latest podcast from Pastrami Nation! This time, we talk about cosplay with a local cosplayer, a new hit Image Comics series, the upcoming Free Comic Book Day, and Power Rangers and all of its Krispy Kreme greatness. Check it out! https://soundcloud.com/pastramination/podcast-cosplay-image-comics-free-comic-book-day-power-rangers-and-the-power-of-krispy-kreme

WonderCon 2017 Part II- Cosplay Galore

WonderCon Roars On, Check Out More Photos from the Convention Floor By Nolan P. Smith Photos by Nolan P. Smith and Jason T. Smith Today is the last day of WonderCon, THE comic convention for Orange County. Check out some more amazing cosplayers, as well as some of the fantastic booths we encountered.

WonderCon 2017 Coverage- Part 1

WonderCon shined bright in Sunny So Cal, Part 1 of our coverage is here! By Nolan P. Smith Photos by Jason T. Smith and Nolan P. Smith WonderCon is here, and So Cal residents, you NEED to check this convention out!

First So Cal Comic Convention of 2017 is the Comic Excitement Convention- Jan 14th and 15th

Comic Excitement Convention

First Year Comic Excitement Convention Brings Two Full Days of Big Name Guests From Cosplay, Comic Books and More! By Staff Reports Convention season starts with a bolt of lightning in just under two weeks at the Los Angeles Convention Center at Comic Excitement Convention! The first year convention will bring celebrity guests, cosplay stars…Read moreRead more

Comikaze Expo is Now Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con, Taking Place THIS Weekend

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con Flys Into Los Angeles By Nolan P. Smith As fans flooded Los Angeles starting Friday, they attended the show with a brand new name. Now known as Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con, the convention is packed with fan favorite celebrities, comic book creators, pop culture icons, convention exclusives…Read moreRead more

Long Beach Comic Con 2016- Part 2

By Nolan P. Smith The Long Beach Comic Con draws to a close, but leaves behind memories under the So Cal sun for all in attendance. Check out some more photos from the convention site!

Long Beach Comic Con 2016- Dragonball, Robocop and Automobiles

By Jason T. Smith The Long Beach Comic Con kicked off today, and with it, troves of fans from across Southern California, tons of cosplayers, and more. Saturday was packed, from aisle to aisle. Vendors ranging from artists, writers, comic publishers, cosplayers and more all too over the Long Beach Convention Center. Celebrities were on…Read moreRead more

This Weekend Brings Pop Culture to Life with the Long Beach Comic Con

Long Beach Comic Con Reignites Firefly with Partial Cast and More By Nolan P. Smith (Victor Valley)– This weekend, the sunny city of Long Beach will once again bring together a plethora of artists, writers, movie stars, cosplayers, fans and more as the Long Beach Comic Con smashes its way into So Cal. One of…Read moreRead more

SuperToyCon Cosplayers

By Nolan P. Smith Photos by Nolan P. Smith and Jason T. Smith Check out some photos we snapped of cosplayers at SuperToyCon this past weekend in Las Vegas. Though there weren’t a whole lot of cosplayers walking the convention floor, we found some pretty great costumes! Check them out!

SDCC 2016: The Best of the Best Cosplay

By Nolan P. Smith Photos by Nolan P. Smith and Jason T. Smith The San Diego Comic Con is behind us now, so let’s take a look back at the best of cosplay! Here is Pastrami Nation’s Best of the Best Cosplay for SDCC!

SDCC 2016- Cosplay from Saturday- Tomb Raider, The Hound, Harley Quinn and More

Cosplay Shines at SDCC for Saturday By Nolan P. Smith As the San Diego Comic Con heads into its last day, let’s take a look at some of the best cosplay we saw. From a daring Tomb Raider, a larger than life The Hound, a crazy good Harley Quinn, a female Predator, and more, we…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2016: Cosplay from the Con Floor- Part 1

By Nolan P. Smith The San Diego Comic Con is going forward with full steam, check out a few of the awesome cosplayers we came across today, and keep checking back for more con coverage, right here on Pastrami Nation!

San Diego Comic Con 2016: Day One- Line Con, Gods and Heroes of SDCC

By Nolan P. Smith The San Diego Comic Con is in full swing, with the official first day now in the record books. So, how was it? Crowded, but that is to be expected of the monster of all pop culture cons, better known as the SDCC. The popular term of “Line Con” would be…Read moreRead more

Zenescope Hits Motor City Comic Con With Robyn Hood: I Love NY

Robyn Hood Comes to Life at the Motor City Comic Con (By Staff Reports)– Zenescope Entertainment will be revealing printed cover art surrounding the newest adventures of the company’s bad ass archer, Robyn Hood, at Motor City Comic Con May 13th– May 15th, Booth #303. Zenescope will be releasing Limited Edition Cover Art Prints for Robyn Hood:…Read moreRead more

WonderCon 2016- The Coverage Continues

From Supergirl, a certain Radar Tech and everyone’s favorite Wookie, check out more cosplay from WonderCon 2016 By MrandMrsSmith All photos by Jason R. Smith WonderCon may be over, but the cosplay coverage continues to flow! From Supergirl to Matt the Radar Tech, Wondercon had some amazing cosplays! Check out some of the very best…Read moreRead more

Victorville Resident Dove Into WonderCon with Deep Sea Cosplay

Steampunk Ariel Came to Life at WonderCon By Nolan P. Smith (Victorville) WonderCon, the massive comic book and pop culture convention, was a hit this past weekend, with costumes, or cosplay, around every turn. For Victorville resident Rebecca Rubio, she dove ‘Under the Sea’ and brought to life a cosplay inspired by Ariel from Disney’s…Read moreRead more

WonderCon 2016 Part 2: Cosplay of All Ages in Los Angeles

  Our WonderCon Cosplay Coverage Continues! By DimSumHottie Photos by DimSumHottie We continue our WonderCon coverage with a slew of cosplay photos, straight from WonederCon in Los Angeles. I have to say, having attended last year’s WonderCon in Anaheim, I felt the show really outshined the previous year in all aspects. I have always loved…Read moreRead more

WonderCon 2016-Part 1: Cosplay, Puppets, and More Invade Los Angeles

Part 1 of our coverage, including a look at WonderCon 2016 Cosplay, is here! By Nolan P. Smith Photos by Jason T. Smith WonderCon 2016 is taking place this weekend, having kicked off Friday and coming to an end on Easter Sunday, and that means WonderCon 2016 Cosplay coverage. The Pastrami Nation team headed out…Read moreRead more

WonderCon 2016 is Here! Flashback Friday to WonderCon 2015

By Nolan P. Smith Photos by Nolan P. Smith, Jason T. Smith, Jason R. Smith, and DimSumHottie WonderCon 2016 is now upon us. Starting Friday, March 25th and running through Easter Sunday, WonderCon brings the greatness of comic book conventions to Los Angeles. Tickets are still available at http://comic-con.org/wca, but only certain passes are still…Read moreRead more

March to WonderCon 2016- A Cosplay Flashback to WonderCon 2014

Take a look back at the cosplayers of WonderCon 2014 By Nolan P. Smith Photos by Nolan P. Smith and Jason T. Smith Editor (Victor Valley)– WonderCon 2016 is this coming weekend to the Los Angeles Convention Center. As we get ready to attend the Comic Con International convention, we have been taking a look…Read moreRead more

March to WonderCon 2016: A Look Back- WonderCon 2012 Cosplay

Check out the WonderCon Cosplay of 2012 in this special throwback edition! By Nolan P. Smith WonderCon, one of the premiere comic book conventions in Southern California, is incoming fast, as it takes over the Los Angeles Convention Center from March 25-27th. Since coming to So Cal, the con has been a hit with fans-…Read moreRead more

Long Beach Comic Expo Announces Special Guests, Sponsorships and Programming Highlights for February 20 & 21

By Staff Reports In advance of  Long Beach Comic Expo, Mad Event Entertainment  unveils an all star guest line up, along with sponsors, innovative programs and new partners, in preparation for the 7th annual Long Beach Comic Expo this coming weekend. The Expo will play host to more than 120 guests and 80 panels and…Read moreRead more

Best of 2015- Cosplay

By the Pastrami Nation team With the last installment of our Best of 2015 series, I guess you can say we saved the best for last as we select our top cosplays of 2015. The Pastrami Nation team went to quite a few cons in California this year, including the San Diego Comic Con, WonderCon,…Read moreRead more

Cosplayer Spotlight: Will Blagg

By Nolan P. Smith (Victor Valley)– Pastrami Nation is excited to spotlight one of the best cosplayers in the High Desert this time around, as well as one of the most recognized cosplayers around the convention circuit. He graced the front page of the Los Angeles Times as the menacing Predator, check out the spotlight…Read moreRead more

Cosplayer Spotlight: Ivy Tenebrae

By Nolan P. Smith With this edition of the Cosplayer Spotlight on Pastrami Nation, we are excited to once again spotlight an international cosplayer! From the United Kingdom, we are proud to spotlight Ivy Tenebrae from the United Kingdom! All photos provided by Ivy Tenebrae. What are some cosplays that you have done? “I have…Read moreRead more