Graphic Novel Review: Martian Ghost Centaur

By Evelyn Benson Junior Reviewer Releasing in a few months is a new edition to the Oni Press/Lion Forge library: “Martian Ghost Centaur.”  Seventeen-year-old Louie O’Connor, a young Southborough resident, tries to keep the town’s folklore and legends of the Sasquatch alive. Sasquatch sightings kept tourists flocking to this small town. However, “sightings” of said…Read moreRead more

Comic Book Review: Deep Beyond #1

By Rebecca Benson This much-anticipated series, Deep Beyond, from Image Comics, will be hitting comic bookshelves soon Our story opens with the leader of a futuristic mission being under attack. This mission takes place in the depths of the deep of the North Atlantic. Observable is the effect of the attack. An unknown agent has…Read moreRead more

Comic Book Review: Pantomime #3 + ASL Review

By Rebecca Benson In Pantomime #3 from Mad Cave Studios, our beloved team is back at it again. They have declared war on the Manager. And it is a fight to the finish. No going back now. Using their training, learned from the Manager, the group attempts to free themselves from the Manager’s grasp. It’s…Read moreRead more

Movie Review: Love and Monsters

By Kevin Hoskinson Entertainment Editor In the tradition of Them! and Eight Legged Freaks comes Love And Monsters, a post-apocalyptic story about giant monsters, survival, and of course, love. The story is about the epic romance between Joel and Aimee. Well, it’s about the romance that would have been if a giant asteroid wasn’t flying…Read moreRead more

Comic Book Review: The O.Z. #1

By Nolan P. Smith Alright, the truth is, I have never been the biggest fan of The Wizard of Oz. I liked the flying monkeys, but I don’t know; it never clicked with me. But I have been a big fan of David Pepose, the man who brought the world Spencer and Locke and Going…Read moreRead more

Cobra Kai Season 3 Review

By Kevin Hoskinson Entertainment Editor The stakes are higher, and the rivalry between Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do heats up in season 3 of Cobra Kai. All episodes are now available to stream on Netflix. There will be no spoilers for the third season, but there will be some spoilers for those if you haven’t…Read moreRead more

Movie Review: Soul

By Kevin Hoskinson Much like the music that inspired it, Pixar’s latest film Soul is more about feeling than experiencing. It’s an entertaining and in-depth examination of the human condition and what life is really about. The studio is known for its stories being a cut above, taking you places you could never imagine and…Read moreRead more

Graphic Novel Review: Spider-Man: Shock to the System

By Jeremiah Gagnon For today’s review, I check out Spider-Man: Shock to the System from IDW Publishing. The book is by Brandon Easton, Fico Ossio, Ronda Pattison, and Shawn Lee. The comic book opens up with a sneak peek of things to come right before traveling back in time to the day before; we see Gwen…Read moreRead more

Graphic Novel Review: Teen Titans Go! Roll With It

By Evelyn Benson, Junior Reviewer The Teen Titans are back at it again! Let’s join our favorite super team in their game of “Basements and Basilisks.” Our story begins in a dark alley. Robin finds interest in a role-playing game to build teamwork skills. After dividing up the roles between the players, the teams are…Read moreRead more

Action Figure Review: Damtoys Death Gas Station- Iron Head Tony

By Nolan P. Smith I love checking out different toy companies, and with this release, I had to give it a shot. Coal Dog x Damtoys presents Death Gas Station- Iron Head Tony, and wow, what a figure.  This 1:12 scale figure has high quality, soft goods clothes and an amazing sculpt and set of…Read moreRead more

Action Figure Review: Loyal Subjects BST AXN Slash

By Nolan P. Smith The Loyal Subject have been making fantastic vinyl figures for years now. From their Masters of the Universe line to characters like Edward Scissorhands and Gizmo, they have made figures from all aspects of pop culture. Their new line of action figures offers an incredibly diverse lineup, including a rock legend,…Read moreRead more

Comic Book Review: They Fell From the Sky #1

By Rebecca Benson New from Mad Cave Studios this winter is They Fell From the Sky. Readers are transported into a new journey, a space journey, that is! Tommy seems to be your average teenager. He’s got his routine of balancing school life, helping his family at their farm, bickering with his older sister, and…Read moreRead more

Movie Review: Mulan

By Kevin Hoskinson Of all the live-action adaptations of their animated classics, Disney’s Mulan takes the most risks. Unlike their previous efforts, namely Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, it isn’t afraid to take some big swings and change things up a bit. It doesn’t always work, but it does more often than…Read moreRead more

Comic Book Review: Pantomime #2

By Rebecca Benson The gang of friends have gotten themselves into some serious trouble with the second issue of Mad Cave Studios’ Pantomime. They got into the dilemma together, and they will have to get out of it together.  In this issue, we see Haley and Max et al enter into their own hell. They…Read moreRead more

Comic Book Review: E-Ratic #1

By Nolan P. Smith Editor One of the biggest reasons I grew up a fan of Spider-Man was that he was a teenager that messed up. He was smart, yeah, but he was consistently bullied while trying to save the world daily. Well, Spider-Man grew up, and his problems changed. AWA’s latest series, E-Ratic, gives…Read moreRead more

Comic Book Review: Inkblot #4: That Darn Cat!

By Daniel Schwartz When I was looking for a comic to review, Inkblot #4 caught my eye. I had not read the first three issues, but the premise looked interesting, and the artwork really grabbed my attention.  I am so glad I followed my gut. This was an excellent read. Without knowing what had happened…Read moreRead more

Graphic Novel Review: Jupiter Jet and the Forgotten Radio

By Jeremiah Gagnon My first impressions from looking at the cover are that I am in for a wild adventure. Starting out, we get a quick glimpse as to who Jupiter Jet is. Her name is Jacky Johnson, a 17-year-old who lives in a colony in Europe, one of Jupiter’s moons. While doing some maintenance in…Read moreRead more

Graphic Novel Review: Secrets of Camp Whatever

Review by Evelyn Benson Junior Reviewer Hi! My name is Evelyn Benson, a junior reviewer for Pastrami Nation. Today, I’ll be talking about “Secrets of Camp Whatever” from Oni-Lion Forge. The main character, Willow, finds herself in a new situation. She is hard-of-hearing, and her parents signed her up for camp. And boy, is she…Read moreRead more

Comic Book Review: A Dark Interlude #1

By Nolan Smith In 2018, I reviewed my first ever Vault Comics releases, which was the fantastic Fearscape #1. The story of hack writer Henry Henry and his journey to the Fearscape, as he was “chosen” as our world’s champion for being a master storyteller. Well, no, he lied and said he was someone else….Read moreRead more

Movie Review- Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

By Kevin Hoskinson 2020 has been a heck of a year. It’s been a rollercoaster with its fair share of ups and downs, as many places around the world are going back into lockdown this holiday season. Lots of people are left without being around their families this year to celebrate. With that being the…Read moreRead more

Comic Book Review: The Autumnal #3

By Rebecca Benson The story continues for Vault’s The Autumnal, as readers dive deeper into the mystery of Comfort Notch and its legends. The creative team behind The Autumnal: (W) Daniel Kraus, (A) Chris Shehan, (C) Jason Wordie, and (L) Jim Campbell have outdone themselves with this issue. Featuring our main persons, Kat and Sybil, readers are given a greater glimpse of the…Read moreRead more

Comic Book Review: The Recount #1

By Carlos Melgarejo Picture a nightmare scenario of today. With that in mind, you have The Recount. The Recount #1 is from Scout Comics and by Gabriel Ibarra, Johnathan Hedrick with Sunil Ghagre, and Cristian Docolomansky. The Recount pulls no punches in showing you immediately what this story is about. Or where it’s getting to….Read moreRead more

Action Figure Review: Transformers Furai Action Optimus Prime (IDW Version)

By Nolan P. Smith He is the leader of the Autobots, the most iconic character in Transformers history. He is Optimus Prime, and he has had a ton of action figures in his long history. With Flame Toys and Bluefin Brands’ release of this figure, what makes it stand out from the rest? The Transformers…Read moreRead more


By Noble Morris (Project C28) Hey everyone, Project C28 here and back with a new video game review! This time, we check out Bubble Bobble 4 Friends on the Playstation 4! Check it out, and let me know what you think!

Comic Book Review: Gung-Ho Volume 1

By Nolan P. Smith Editor When I picked up the first issue of Gung-Ho from ABLAZE Publishing, I knew it was something special. The mystery, the intrigue, and the fantastic artwork had me hooked. With volume 1 of Gung-Ho, I dive into the whole story of the first series and what a story it is….Read moreRead more

Comic Book Review: Cutting Edge #1

By Nolan P Smith  Editor Sometimes a book just grabs your attention at first sight. This was the case when I first read about Titan Comics Cutting Edge. The story seemed extremely interesting, and the artwork looked terrific. Now that the first issue has been released, did it live up to my initial impressions? No….Read moreRead more

Comic Book Review: The Eighth Immortal #1

By Nolan P Smith  Stories of immortals have always fascinated me. Whether they are Gods from various mythologies to heroes with special powers, the thought of living throughout time is exciting and terrifying at the same time. So when I first heard about The Eighth Immortal from Source Point Press, I was intrigued.  From Jacob…Read moreRead more

Movie Review: All Joking Aside

By Kevin Hoskinson There seems to be a fascination with the world of stand up comedy and the lives of those who do it. It’s an interesting job that requires a lot of perseverance and a lot of guts to do. To me, it’s a terrifying prospect. Going up on stage night after night, spilling…Read moreRead more

Comic Book Review: Dungeons & Dragons: At the Spine of the World #1

By Jeremiah Gagnon Written by Aimee Garcia & AJ Mendez Art by Martin Coccolo Colors by Katrina Mae Hao Letters by Neil Uyetake Edits by Megan Brown & David Hedgecock Starting out, we see what looks like a squad of people in a covered wagon being pulled by hounds. Like a true thief, one of…Read moreRead more

Action Figure Review: My Hero Academia- Stain

By Nolan P. Smith Editor My Hero Academia is one of my favorite modern anime and manga series. The stories of heroes and villains both with powers (quirk), some veterans and some just learning the ropes, will pull you in. One of my favorite villains to pop in the anime has to be the gangly,…Read moreRead more