Copper Shadow Dusk Shadow

Dusk Shadow and Copper Shadow: The Newest Xbox One Controllers

Copper Shadow Dusk Shadow Xbox One

Two New, Color Gradient Wireless Controllers are coming soon for the Xbox One: Copper Shadow and Dusk Shadow

By Nolan P. Smith

Xbox One fans, we are getting a couple more awesome wireless controllers, and soon!

Xbox announced via their news-wire that two new, gradient colored controllers are on their way, and they look fantastic.  The Dusk Shadow and Copper Shadow controllers feature a faded color gradient finish- blue to black for Dusk Shadow, and copper to black for Copper Shadow, marking a first for this type of color scheme for Xbox One wireless controllers. Of course, they have the standard features we all know and love: impulse triggers, responsive thumbsticks, enchanced D-pad and a 3.5mm stereo headset jack.

Both controllers are available for pre-order starting today for $69.99 USD ERP. You can find them on store shelves at participating retailers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Argentina later this month and in other select regions worldwide in April. As always, availability and pricing vary by region. In the U.S., the Xbox One Special Edition Copper Shadow Wireless Controller will be exclusively available at Microsoft stores and GameStop, and the Xbox One Special Edition Dusk Shadow Wireless Controller will be exclusively available at Microsoft stores and, for a limited time, Best Buy.

For me, I think the copper one is a must. It might take over as my favorite controller, dethroning my Titanfall wireless controller, which has been my go to controller since picking it up.