E3 2013: Dead Rising 3 Hits This Holiday Season, X-Box One Exclusive

DR3By Nolan P. Smith-Pastrami Nation

(Los Angeles)– Here is announcement #2 that has Pastrami Nation counting the days until the X-Box One: Dead Rising 3.

Capcom’s zombie sandbox game is coming to the next gen, but only on the X-Box One as it is now an exclusive. For those that haven’t played it, Dead Rising is a killing spree of zombies, using combo weapons, food, and anything else you can pick up to hack and slash your way to safety. The three titles out now: DR1, DR2, and DR2 Off the Record, were all hours of blood soaked fun, and now we get to kill zombies in style once again come this holiday season.

By the looks of the trailer, it doesn’t look like photographer Frank West is in it, as the main protagonist is the mechanic Nick Ramos. By checking out the trailer, it looks like the combo elements from DR2 have stuck around, making zombie killing that much more fun.

What’s that? You haven’t seen the trailer? Here it is!!!


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