E3 2013: Killer Instinct is Back and on X-Box One!!!


By Nolan P. Smith-Pastrami Nation


With today’s flurry of annoucement’s from various E3 press conferences, this one hits close to home. Who remembers the old days at the arcade seeing characters like Jago, Fulgore and T.J. Combo beat the hell out of each other with Ultra Combos and finishers in the classic Killer Instinct from RARE. The original Killer Instinct hit arcades in 1994, and now here we are, in 2013, and ready for a return to greatness.

Exclusive to Microsoft’s X-Box One, Killer Instinct is ready to strike back with a vengeance. This is one of the three announcements today that blew me away, and I cannot wait for this to come out!

Check out the reveal trailer below.

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