In Shops Today- RZA & Ghostface Killah’s comic book 12 REASONS TO DIE written by Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon

By Staff Reports

In shops 11/11, we’re thrilled to bring you TWELVE REASONS TO DIE! Collected in trade for the first time, this collaboration brought Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA and Ghostface Killah to Black Mask with writers Matthew Rosenberg(Uncanny X-Men, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank) and Patrick Kindlon(Nobody Is In Control, Shoplifters Will Be Terminated) and a murderer’s row of artists including Nate Powell(March),Ryan Kelly(DMZ),Tim Seeley(Nightwing, Hack/Slash),Kyle Strahm(Spread),Tyler Crook(Harrow County),Joelle Jones(Catwoman),Toby Cypress(The Grave Diggers Union),Riley Rossmo(Hellblazer), and many more for this horror/crime hybrid about one vengeful soul hunting the 12 mob bosses who conspired his murder. With an epic cover by Paolo Rivera.


Created by: Ghostface Killah / Executive Produced by: RZA
Written by: Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon
Illustrated by: Ronald Wimberly, Breno Tamura, Gus Storms, Kyle Strahm, Joe Infurnari, Christopher Mitten, Jim Mahfood, Tim Seeley, Nate Powell, Ben Templesmith, Tyler Crook, Toby Cypress, Juan Doe, Joelle Jones, Edwin Huang, Johnnie Christmas, Russel Roehling, Ryan Kelly, Michael Walsh, Chris Hunt, Riley Rossmo, David Murdoch, Garry Brown, Johnny Ryan, Shaky Kane, Benjamin Marra, and Brian Level.
Colored by: Jean-Paul Csuka
Lettered by: Jim Campbell, Nic J. Shaw
Mature / $24.99 / 180 pages
Synopsis: Guns. Sex. Vinyl. Revenge. Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah and RZA teamed with then young-gun writers Matthew Rosenberg (Uncanny X-Men, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank) & Patrick Kindlon (Survival Fetish, Nobody Is In Control) for this brutal tale of a dangerous crime lord’s rise and fall.
Collects issues 1-6.

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