Kickstart this Comic, Steampunk Edition with The Adventures of the 19XX


When Steampunk is done right, THIS is how it looks.

The Adventures of the 19XX is a self published comic book by Paul Roman Martinez, and has already made the industry take notice. In 2011, the original book was a nominee for the Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer, which is a huge deal! This Kickstarter projects aims to print the original book, in a new hardcover edition, as well as makes the world of the 19XX more accessible to newcomers. Levels of pledges range from digital editions, levels where funders receive this book and the sequel hardcover, complete with bonuses and extras.

But, honestly, you just need to check out the page and let the video and art speak for itself. The quality of this book, the artwork, the hardcover bindings, everything is top notch. Here’s the Kickstarter page: As always, share it, fund it, check it out, and get some amazing works of art in the process!!!

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