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Let’s Kickstart This! Aldous Spark: Meddler in History and Other Unsavory Affairs

Aldous SparkHelp kickstart Aldous Spark- an ambitious project that needs your support to leap to reality

By Nolan P. Smith
It is time once again: time to turn to the world of crowdfunding and shine the spotlight down on an awesome project that needs YOUR support to come to life. This time, we once again delve into the world of comic books and graphic novels with Aldous Spark!
What’s Aldous Spark? Here’s a rundown:

Aldous Spark is high-octane adventure in a world of black hat espionage, shadowy assassins, Vatican spies, and other deadly eccentrics.  Written and created by Peter Mirani and Andrew Maxwell, with art by Mauricio Alvarez, and the additional artistic talents of Derek Dow, Adam Pruett, Sonia Harris, and Justin Cornell, the graphic novel is ready to take readers to a seedy world full of danger and imagination.
Our story takes place in 1899 as a secret war is being fought for control of the 20th Century. At the center of the conflict is Aldous Spark, covert operative of the Black Moth Society, an underground collective of anarchists, dissidents, vandals, and other misfits. Together with his apprentice, Isaiah, Aldous wages a silent war against the forces of power in an attempt to re-shape the modern era for the good of all. 
How does that sound? And look?
To me? Pretty awesome. Espionage, secret societies, killer artwork, and a hardcover collection- it’s no surprise I backed it, and I bet you will, too. This first of four volumes introduces us to this dark, shadowy world and it’s unique and quirky characters that inhabit it. To be printed in an oversized hardcover format, there are also prints, secret coded postcards and more, all waiting for you as a part of the Kickstarter campaign.
The design elements for this project is what really drew me in. The Steampunk aesthetic looks amazing, as it really adds to the overall feel of the book.
For more information and a closer look at the book, check out the Aldous Spark Kickstarter campaign here.

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