Mad Cave Studios Launches Talent Search 2018

By Staff Reports

Independent comic book publisher, Mad Cave Studios, is proud to announce our first ever nationwide talent search! We are looking for a maximum of 4 writers and 4 artists to work on 4 original and unannounced projects from the minds inside the Mad Cave. Each winner will be compensated on a “per page” basis and employment will be on a “work for hire” basis. This search is specifically for diverse, undiscovered talent with a unique voice that has never worked with or been distributed by a major publisher.

By running this talent search we are hoping to give aspiring creators the opportunity that many people can only dream of; working on a published comic book!

Each submission should be based on one of two Mad Cave comics: Battlecats or Midnight Task Force. Each creator can send one submission for each title, but keep in mind that the project you could   potentially be working on will not be the same one you submitted.

Note: To those who choose to submit an entry for only Battlecats; any series that you may potentially be working on will not feature anthropomorphic creatures.

The contest begins on July 14th, 2018 and runs through September 14th, 2018. Every entrant will be considered by each member of editorial at Mad Cave Studios and the winners will be announced during New York Comic Con on Saturday October 5th, 2018. If you are not selected this year, don’t worry, we will be running this talent search again next year. So put your proverbial “nose to the grindstone” and hone your craft!

Please follow the submission guidelines below. Only submissions that meet each one of the guidelines below will be reviewed.

Writer Submissions Guidelines:

Format: Microsoft Word document or PDF.

Content: 4 – 6 pages set anywhere in the Battlecats universe (Valderia) or the Midnight Task Force universe (dystopian Detroit circa 2055.)

Submission: Send your submissions to  along with a signed copy of the submission agreement.

Artist Submissions Guidelines:

Content: No more than 3 pages of sequential art set in the Battlecats universe (Valderia) or the Midnight Task Force universe (dystopian Detroit circa 2055.)

Submission: Send your submission to along with a signed copy of the submission agreement.

General Guidelines:

1) Each creator can submit one entry per title.

2) Email subject line should read: Mad Cave Studios Talent Search.

3) This search is for new and undiscovered talent. If you’ve been paid or published by an established publisher your entry will be disregarded.

4) Must be 18 years or older to enter.

5) Submissions are only open from July 14th, 2018 through September 14th, 2018.

6) The 8 potential winners will be announced at New York Comic Con 2018 on Saturday October 5th, 2018, but will be notified beforehand.