Nine Days Left for Digger's Agent 88 Kickstarter Project + Video!!!

Time is, as they say, fleeting. Digger, the founder of Art Asylum and the creator of the most amazing mini-figures out there, Minimates, is down to 9 days to fund his awesome new project, Agent 88. What’s Agent 88? Agent 88 is the world’s deadliest assassin, who also happens to be an 88 year old…Read moreRead more

Wolverine Vs Batman: Fight!!!

Who really is the best there is at what they do? The people over at Super Power Beat Down ( have made an amazing live action battle between the Dark Knight and the Astonishing X-Man. VERY high production quality, the actors give a SPOT ON performance: this is something comic fans NEED to see! Take…Read moreRead more

The Hobbit Becomes Three Films

Three is better than two. Today, on Peter Jackson’s Facebook page, the word broke that the two film The Hobbit franchise will now become a three film series. Great news for fans of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, as it looks like Jackson and his team will be able to tell even more of…Read moreRead more

E3 Expo to Stay in Los Angeles At Least Through 2015

(Photo by Nolan P. Smith-Pastrami Nation) Living in a gamer’s paradise. Today, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, officially announced that it will stay in Los Angeles at least to 2015. Word going around was that the expo might be leaving the city of angels, so this is great news for west coasters…Read moreRead more

Both Man of Steel Trailers…Yes, There are Two!

Whoever that man is…good character or bad… is gonna change the world… Those are the words of Pa Kent, played by Kevin Costner in next year’s Man of Steel, and from the trailer many of us saw before The Dark Knight Rises. However, have you heard the Jor-El version? Check out the video below, as…Read moreRead more

Chopping Block Review: Beasts of Burden-Neighborhood Watch

Review by Nolan P. Smith Writer: Evan Dorkin Artist: Jill Thompson Release Date: August 1st, 2012 Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Website: Back in 2005, Beasts of Burden took home a prestigious Will Eisner Industry Award for Best Short Story. In 2010, it received another for Best Publication for Teens. If you are reading this…Read moreRead more

Want Some Free SDCC 2012 Exclusives? Then Look No Further!

The best things in life are free. Starting today and running until next Sunday, August 5th, 2012, Pastrami Nation will be holding a contest as we giveaway from SDCC 2012 swag! We will be giving away ONE SDCC 2012 Battle Beast Clear Blue Vorin, ONE SDCC 2012 WWE The Rock Rumbler and ONE SDCC 2012…Read moreRead more

Chopping Block Review-Axe Cop: President of the World #1

Review by Nolan P. Smith-Pastrami Nation Writer: Malachai Nicolle Artist: Ethan Nicolle Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Website: I first heard about Axe Cop in late 2010, and wow, was I blown away. Created by brothers Malachai and Ethan Nicolle, the book did something I had never seen: it put a child in the writer’s…Read moreRead more

Chopping Block Review- Chew: Secret Agent Poyo #1

Review by Nolan P. Smith-Pastrami Nation Writer: John Layman Artist: Rob Guillory Publisher: Image Comics Website: FOR MATURE READERS A death defying, tough as nails, secret agent rooster; if that premise doesn’t scream about the originality in comics, then I don’t know what does. Spinning out of one of Image Comic’s critically acclaimed titles,…Read moreRead more

Playstation All Stars Hits This Fall, Full Roster Leaked

Here comes a new challenger! Playstation All Stars, Sony’s answer to the mega popular Super Smash Brothers, brings a very diverse mix of characters into the fray, and so far it looks pretty awesome. At SDCC, a trailer was revealed that showed quite a few fighters, including God of War’s Kratos, Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, Tekken’s…Read moreRead more

Blade of the Immortal Manji Figure Coming from Medicom

A fitting tribute to an amazing manga. Manji, the violent anti-hero to the hit manga, Blade of the Immortal, will become immortalized in plastic this year as he becomes a 30 centimeter tall (about a foot tall) action figure from Medicom. I mean, take a look at that head sculpt: it’s a dead on likeness…Read moreRead more

Last Friday: Coming Next Christmas

You got knocked the F’ out!!! Here it is, the first poster for the newest film in the Friday series, Last Friday. Reuniting Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, the film also stars Mike Epps and Katt Williams. I don’t know much more about the film, but being a fan of the Friday films, I am…Read moreRead more

Giant God Warrior Teaser by Hideaki Anno and Studio Ghibli

A great example of classic film-making. Studio Ghibli and Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Hideaki Anno have made quite the short film. “Kyoshinhei Tokyo ni Arawaru” (Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo), is made with no computer animations. Instead, it relies on the classic film techniques of old, like using miniatures and model sized sets. The Museum…Read moreRead more

Funimation Annouces a Slew of New Licenses at Otakon 2012

Anime lovers, be ready. Funimation, the company that brought the US some of the best animes to date, such as Dragonball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, and more, has announced more great titles coming stateside. Announced at this weekend’s Otakon. Here is the press release straight from Funimation’s blog: Flower Mound, TX –July 28, 2012- FUNimation…Read moreRead more

Insane Clown Posse Release New Single and Video: Chris Benoit

Words can’t really describe my shock. I just saw that the Insane Clown Posse are putting out a new album in August. That isn’t the shocking part: their lead single and video is titled Chris Benoit. Yeah. As a huge fan of the Canadian Crippler Chris Benoit, I was in complete shock like everyone else…Read moreRead more

Lady Gaga in Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills

If looks could kill… Director Robert Rodriguez announced via Twitter today that Lady Gaga will be in his next film, Machete Kills. Here is what Rodriguez tweeted: I just finished working with @LadyGaga on @MacheteKills, she kicked SO MUCH ASS! Holy Smokes. Blown away!” Gaga joins an all star cast, which includes Danny Trejo, Mel…Read moreRead more

The Cost of Being Iron Man

That’s A LOT of money! In the same vein as the Cost of Being Batman post (which was posted days ago right here on Pastrami Nation), has made a cool visual about what the cost would be to be a real life armored Avenger. Take a look…and let’s see who’s Tony Stark rich…

WWE 13 Roster Update and New Trailer

Change is a good thing. WWE officially announced a few names for the upcoming WWE 13 from THQ. They also provided a new trailer which shows some of the improvements in this newest WWE game. Check out the names below, as well as the new trailer: CM Punk John Cena Sheamus Mark Henry Steve Austin…Read moreRead more

Pastrami Nation's Jason T. Smith Makes it in the SDCC 2012 Souvenir Book

His name is in the records book…or at least the souvenir book. We almost forgot to post up that Pastrami Nation Co-Founder Jason “The 40 Pound Voice” Smith made it into this year’s San Diego Comic Con Souvenir Book! Check out his Iron Man above! In the future, be on the look out for giveaways,…Read moreRead more

Ultimate Warrior Returns to Wrestling!

The Warrior returns! Today, Big Time Wrestling had a major announcement, and the image above is just that. Looks like iconic Warrior (Ultimate Warrior in his WWF days) will be along for BTW’s fall tour.  Big Time Wrestling has garnered some of the biggest names in wrestling: from Bobby Lashley, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Franchise…Read moreRead more

Fighters Rejoice: Persona 4 Arena Hits Stores August 7th

Damn, do I love a good fighting game. August 7th marks the North American release of anime fighter Persona 4 Arena. Based on the Persona game worlds and from the makers of the fantastic Blazblue series…well, I’m not going to lie, that’s really all I know about it. I did get my hands on it…Read moreRead more

Chopping Block Review: The Dark Knight Rises

It’s the most anticipated film of the summer, maybe even of the year. This is director Christopher Nolan’s swan song to DC Comic’s Dark Knight, Batman. He gave us a great new beginning, and an unforgettable Dark Knight, so how does the third film in the trilogy measure up to the unbelievably high level of…Read moreRead more

Image Comics Point of Impact Hits This October

It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Image Comics announced today that fan favorite writer Jay Faerber (Near Death, Dynamo 5) is unleashing a new miniseries this fall, alongside Koray Kuranel, who I am not too familiar with, but after doing some research I am very impressed. Point of Impact shows how little we…Read moreRead more

The Cost of Being Batman

It takes the big bucks to be the Dark Knight. put up an amazingly well done breakdown of the cost of being Batman, as set in Christopher Nolan’s bat-verse. Very cool, now who has the money to do this???

Digger's Agent 88 Kickstarter Project Aims for Web Series, Minimates, Peter Mayhew and More

Now this is worth a look. Digger, the founder of Art Asylum, the company that brought the world the best mini figures in the world, Minimates, has an awesomely cool Kickstarter project running, which includes producing a web series and exclusive Minimates. Check out the Kickstarter project at, and look at all the different…Read moreRead more

Two Thumbs Up: Christian Bale Visits Victims of the Aurora Movie Massacre

Photo: DENVERCHANNEL It’s times like this that make real heroes. Christian Bale, the star of the mega hit The Dark Knight Rises, paid a visit to Aurora, CO today to visit with the victims of the Batman Movie Massacre. I have always been a fan of Bale’s, this just make me, and the rest of…Read moreRead more

Want the MOTUC Line to Continue? Get a Subscription: A Word From Mattel's Scott Neitlich

All good things must come to an end…lets hope just not now. Mattel’s Scott Neitlich, aka Toy Guru, has posted another video addressing the price increase for the Masters of the Universe Classics figures for 2013, how the game plan has changed to finishing in 2016 to trying to tie up loose ends for 2014,…Read moreRead more

WWE SummerSlam Fan Axxess to Include WWE 13 Official Roster Reveal

What a rush! WWE announced today that they will do a live, in ring reveal of the roster for the upcoming THQ game, WWE 13 at the Summerslam Fan Axxess this year. We posted a leaked roster a few months back, it will be interesting to see how true that lists turns out to be….Read moreRead more

Anne Hathaway Would Be Interested in a Catwoman Spin Off

Perhaps Anne Hathaway will be on the prowl once again. In an interview with Digital Spy (Which can be found HERE), Hathaway expressed her interest in reprising the role of DC Comic’s Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, but only under the right circumstances. Here is from the article: “I think it would be lovely to see…Read moreRead more

Total Recall 2012: No, They Are Not Real

Photo Credit: SplashNews It’s been spreading like a wildfire since the San Diego Comic Con. No, they are not real: none of them. Actress Kaitlyn Leeb has made it clear to fan boys across the globe regarding the prosthetic she wears in the new Total Recall film in an interview she did with the Calgary…Read moreRead more