Regression #1 Review

Regression_01-1Image Comics Brings the Horror with Regression

By Art Macias

Image Comics has scored with another winner! Regression #1 is a one of a kind book that hits on all cylinders.

From the mind of Cullen Bunn (Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe, The Damned, and Harrow County) with artwork by Danny Luckert this book is a page-turner. Danny Luckert may very well be my new favorite artist, with his eye for horrific detail and his dynamic framing makes this book a visual feast. Straight from the beginning with it’s delightfully detailed gore and intriguing story that really delivers has the reader thinking twice about what is going on and if there is any such thing as being normal.

We begin with poor Adrian, who has been having recurring hallucinations, just trying to relax with some friends at a BBQ.  As he seems to be losing it and having another episode of hallucinations at the BBQ, a friend offers some help in the way of a hypnotist she knows. As Adrian reluctantly agrees, matters only worsen as doors are opened and his past comes out in ways he was not expecting.

The first issue is a great start to this tale of psychological horror and intrigue.

I rate this a 9 out of 10.