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SDCC 2012: Booth Spotlight-Geek Chic/Mustache Emporium

Nolan Smith 6 years ago


You can literally find anything at Comic Con.

One of the booths we really want to shine some light on was on the far side of the con: Geek Chic/Mustache Emporium. As you walked by, you heard an old timey salesman hawking fake mustaches, and inside were some of the most awesome wood works we have ever seen.

From custom made gaming tables to hammers that would make the God of Thunder proud, the booth showed off some high quality pieces of work. Swords, knives, staffs: all hand carved and hand made to order. Even the gift certificates are cool: they are metal coins! Check out some of what they had to offer at SDCC here, and make sure to visit them online at http://www.geekchichq.com/.




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