Want to Win a Funko Pop Green Chrome Boba Fett?

By Nolan P. Smith Pastrami Nation is excited to partner with ShopSmith78 to bring you a chance to win an exclusive Funko Pop Green Chrome Boba Fett! The giveaway is made possible by ShopSmith78, one of the original Pastrami Nation podcasters! He has gone on to make some fantastic 3D printed cosplay accessories, as you…Read moreRead more

Countdown to Comic Con Giveaway: She’s Holding a Thermal Detonator!

Ready for the next Countdown to Comic Con Giveaway? Then here’s your chance to win a 3D printed Thermal Detonator kit! How? Watch the video, then head over to our interview with Boba Fett himself be the first to answer the question to win! Here’s the link to the interview: http://pastramination.com/from-boba-fett-himself-the-jeremy-bulloch-interview-with-pastrami-nation/

DesignerCon 2015- Art Explosion in Pasadena

By Jason T. Smith Photos by Nolan P. Smith (Pasadena)– This weekend, the artful city of Pasadena was once again home to DesignerCon, or D-Con as it is also known by. Featuring artists, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of pop, underground and urban art, the show took place at the Pasadena Convention Center, and was met…Read moreRead more