Superman: Action Comics #958 Review: Here Comes Doomsday

By Nolan P. Smith Last issue’s Rebirth kick off was full of reveals and surprises: Superman is dead, Lex Luthor takes up the S shield to defend Metropolis, the old Superman reveals himself, a new Clark Kent is revealed, and the murderous monster Doomsday is back and ready to fight. That’s a great way for…Read moreRead more

Action Comics #957 Review: The REAL Superman Rebirth

Action Comics #957 Kicks off the Superman Rebirth the Right Way By Nolan P. Smith With the Superman: Rebirth special being a bit underwhelming for me, as it served as more of a recap/set up to the new status quo for the Man of Steel, Action Comics #957 reads like a new beginning. Written by…Read moreRead more