Her Infernal Descent #1 Review- Won’t Back Down

By Nolan P. Smith As I was going through my local comic shop, trying to catch up on weeks of missed books, I realized that AfterShock Comics’ Her Infernal Descent had been released. I immediately picked it up, as I have been waiting on this book since it was first announced. Let me say right…Read moreRead more

Rough Riders: Riders on a Storm #1 Review: The Boys Are Back in Town

Rough Riders: Riders on a Storm

AfterShock Comics historical super team is back with Rough Riders: Riders on a Storm By Nolan P. Smith Last year, AfterShock Comics brought the world a very unusual superteam, with the likes of Teddy Roosevelt, Annie Oakley, Harry Houdini, Jack Johnson, and Thomas Edison. Rough Riders was a fun, historical romp with a Steampunk flare,…Read moreRead more

AfterShock Comics Announces New Series Eleanor & The Egret by John Layman and Sam Kieth

Eleanor & the Egret

The AfterShock grows in 2017 with Eleanor & The Egret By Nolan P. Smith The news broke today that two more major comic book creators have joined AfterShock Comics- John Layman (Chew) and Sam Kieth (The Maxx) with their new series debuting in April, Eleanor & The Egret.

AfterShock Comics Set to Expand Titles After Successful 2016; New Series in the Works with Garth Ennis

AfterShock Comics

With a new Garth Ennis Book on the way, AfterShock looks to shake up 2017 By Staff Reports Since its official debut in April 2015, AfterShock Comics has launched 16 titles from some of the world’s most celebrated creators. With hits including Animosity from Marguerite Bennett, Alters from Paul Jenkins, Rough Riders from Adam Glass…Read moreRead more

Rough Riders Volume 1 Review: History is Alive and Kicking

Rough Riders

AfterShock Comics collects the first series of their historical super team Rough Riders By Nolan P. Smith Take a former President of the United States, a markswoman, the world’s greatest illusionist, one of the most controversial inventors, and one of the hardest hitting boxers in history, put them together, and what do you get? An…Read moreRead more

Rough Riders #1 Review: That’s How Rough Riders Roll

Rough Riders assembles a historic, action packed romp through the end of the 1800’s By Nolan P. Smith (Victor Valley)—Super teams are all the rage right now- with movies based on the Avengers having ruled the box office and a looming Justice League flick on the horizon, who doesn’t love to see heroes come together…Read moreRead more

Strayer #1 Review: Killing It

Review by Nolan P. Smith (Victor Valley)— The fairly new company Aftershock Comics has released some impressive titles thus far, including Dreaming Eagles and American Monster. With Strayer #1, Aftershock brings us a series of action, swords, monsters, and an interesting end of the world as we know it scenario. Created by Justin Jordan, creator…Read moreRead more