Space Riders Sold Out! Reprint coming for Galaxy Of Brutality #1

Space Riders

Black Mask to release second print with new cover for Space Riders: Galaxy of Brutality #1 By Staff Reports Hold on to your butts! Space Riders: Galaxy Of Brutality #1 has sold out and is coming back for more! In shops on May 17, this reprint arrives with a brain-sizzling cover by Vlad Legostaev! Shove…Read moreRead more

Space Riders: Galaxy of Brutality #1 Review: Let’s Ride

Black Mask Reenlists the Space Riders for a New Series By Nolan P. Smith Black Mask Studios has created some of the most intriguing, original comics I have read in quite some time. One of my favorite series from the publisher has to be Space Riders. A mature, brash romp through a dangerous galaxy in…Read moreRead more

Space Riders Volumen Uno Review: Cruising to Greatness

Review by Nolan P. Smith For Mature Readers (Victor Valley)— Space. It’s been the setting for so many iconic stories throughout the years; all with their own takes on the vast emptiness that is deep space. Star Wars showed us the cool, adventurous nature of going from planet to planet, Guardians of the Galaxy showed…Read moreRead more

Black Mask Studios This Week: SPACE RIDERS gets collected, WE CAN NEVER GO HOME ends as X’ED begins

By Nolan P. Smith This is a good week for fans of Black Mask Studios- one book is collected, one comes to an end as another crazy adventure begins. First off, Space Riders is being collected! All four issues will be wrapped up with an intro by Book of Life director Jorge R. Gutierrez, a…Read moreRead more