High Heaven Volume 1 Review: Hitting the High Notes

By Nolan P. Smith Contrary to popular belief from my friends, I am quite the religious guy. I have faith in God, in Heaven, and the afterlife that awaits us. But what if the ultimate reward turned out to be more like a cheap timeshare with a hostel instead of a mansion? Then you are…Read moreRead more

The Wrong Earth Volume 1 Review: Tale of Two Earths

By Nolan P Smith I am not familiar with Ahoy Comics, but when I saw just the cover to The Wrong Earth at my comic shop, it made me want to learn more. It’s a dimension-spanning story of super heroics, two sides of the same coin, but one side has some serious anger issues. From…Read moreRead more

Iron Fist #1 Review: Finding Purpose

Iron Fist

Marvel’s latest Iron Fist series is dark, gritty and amazing By Nolan P. Smith Iron Fist has went through quite a few series in the last decade or so. From fighting the other immortal weapons to teaming up in zany adventures with his long time partner, Luke Cage, Danny Rand is a legitimate mainstay in…Read moreRead more

Rowans Ruin Vol. 1 Review: Super Natural

Boom! Studios Collects the Limited Series Rowans Ruin in Time for the Holidays By Amie Macias Contributing Reviewer Boom! Studios captivates us with Mike Carey’s Rowans Ruin, and with this trade paperback, we get the whole limited series. We are introduced to our heroine, Katie, by way of blog and video chats.  She has agreed…Read moreRead more