Hel Hath a New Fury – Your New Look at ANGELA: QUEEN OF HEL #1

By Staff Reports This October, there’s a new queen in town. And she’s taking over the underworld in ANGELA: QUEEN OF HEL #1 – the brand new ongoing series from Marguerite Bennett, Kim Jacinto and Stephanie Hans! Stolen from Asgard, exiled from Heven and robbed of Sera, her greatest companion – Angela is out for…Read moreRead more

Neil Gaiman’s Angela is Coming to the Marvel Universe this June

Angela is coming to the Marvel Universe…wait, what? Isn’t she a Spawn character? Well, yes and no. There was a legal dispute with Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman, as Gaiman co-created the character, along with Medieval Spawn and Cagliostro. Well, Gaiman won the legal battle, and now Angela, the renegade angel, is coming to the…Read moreRead more