Chopping Block Review: The Dark Knight Rises

It’s the most anticipated film of the summer, maybe even of the year. This is director Christopher Nolan’s swan song to DC Comic’s Dark Knight, Batman. He gave us a great new beginning, and an unforgettable Dark Knight, so how does the third film in the trilogy measure up to the unbelievably high level of…Read moreRead more

Anne Hathaway Would Be Interested in a Catwoman Spin Off

Perhaps Anne Hathaway will be on the prowl once again. In an interview with Digital Spy (Which can be found HERE), Hathaway expressed her interest in reprising the role of DC Comic’s Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, but only under the right circumstances. Here is from the article: “I think it would be lovely to see…Read moreRead more

New The Dark Knight Rises Trailer!

Check out the newest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises! This one has more to it, gives a better feel of what to expect…what do you think? The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters in the US July 20th.