Arcana Acquires Jack Lawrence’s DARKHAM VALE

(VANCOUVER)– Arcana is thrilled to announce that we have acquired the rights to the critically acclaimed series DARKHAM VALE, by Jack Lawrence. TITLE: Darkham Vale CREATED/ARTWORK BY: Jack Lawrence When Ryan and his recently divorced dad move into the inherited country house in the town of Darkham Vale, they get more than they bargained for. First…Read moreRead more

Arcana’s Steam Engines of Oz Goes the Kickstarter Route

Let’s Kickstart this! Arcana Studio announced that they have suspended the traditional offering of the series Tht Steam Engines of Oz, as they have opted to go the Kickstarter route instead. I think the project should do well, and for sure get funded as it looks terrific from what I have seen so far. Check…Read moreRead more

Arcana’s The Steam Engines of Oz Comes to Free Comic Book Day 2013

Steampunk and the Wizard of Oz? Why not! Check out the info for Arcana’s Steam Engines of Oz Free Comic Book Day special, as well as information on the upcoming series and at the covers for Issues #1 and #2! VANCOUVER (March 22, 2013) – Arcana Comics is preparing for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2013,…Read moreRead more