Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Volume 1 Review

By Daniel Schwartz Publisher: Titan Comics Writer: Jody Houser Artist: Rachael Stott Tired of waiting through another long hiatus between seasons of Doctor Who? No problem! Titan Comics has you covered. Continuing the tales of the current Thirteenth Doctor, this collection brings together the first four issues of the new comic series. Featuring the Thirteenth…Read moreRead more

Titan’s Road to the Thirteenth Doctor Begins in July

By Staff Reports Titan Comics and BBC Studios are proud to announce The Road To The Thirteenth Doctor – a three-part comic event beginning this July and leading into Titan’s all-new Thirteenth Doctor ongoing comic series launching in the Fall. The Road To The Thirteenth Doctor features new adventures of the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth…Read moreRead more

Farewell to Twelfth Doctor on BBC America Brings Record-Setting Viewership and Social Engagement on Christmas Day

By Staff Reports Viewers tuned in record numbers to BBC AMERICA on Christmas Day 2017 to say goodbye to Doctor Who’s Twelfth Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, in the special Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time. The annual programming event notched 2.2 million total viewers and 1.1 million adults 25-54 across its two Christmas telecasts…Read moreRead more

Doctor Who Gets Its First Female Doctor with Jodie Whittaker- The Thirteenth Doctor

New star of BBC AMERICA’s hit series Doctor Who Announced Today By Staff Reports The BBC and BBC AMERICA today announced to the world that Jodie Whittaker will be the new Doctor Who. She will be the Thirteenth Time Lord and take over from Peter Capaldi who leaves the global hit show at Christmas.

Doctor Who Review: A Tale of Two Masters

By Daniel Schwartz Warning: Spoilers below for the episode “World Enough and Time”. Any Whovian that watched social media knew John Simm would be reprising his fan-favorite role as The Master. Who knew he would do it so dramatically? Beginning the episode with a hilarious scene where Missy assumes the role of Doctor Who and…Read moreRead more

Peter Capaldi Announces His Last Season of Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Doctor Who returns Saturday, April 15 at 9/8c followed by Spin-Off Series Class at 10/9c. By Staff Reports Peter Capaldi first stepped into the TARDIS in 2013, and will leave the iconic role in the 2017 Christmas special after three incredible seasons on BBC AMERICA’s hit sci-fi drama. The announcement came tonight on Jo Whiley’s…Read moreRead more

Doctor Who The Eighth Doctor Volume 1 Review: The Man in the Mirror

Doctor Who Returns with the Eighth Doctor in tow thanks to Titan Comics By Daniel Schwartz Contributing Reviewer For most Whovians, the only exposure they have to the Eighth Doctor is the mediocre TV movie and the amazing “Night of the Doctor”. While his adventures have been well documented in novels and audiobooks, many fans…Read moreRead more

Twelfth Doctor’s Second Sonic Screwdriver Blasts into North America

The 12th Doctor’s Second  Trusty Sonic Screwdriver Can Now Be Yours After months of speculation, BBC Worldwide North America announces Doctor Who’s Twelfth Doctor Second Sonic Screwdriver went on sale Thursday, May 12th, shipping exclusively in the U.S. for $29.98 from BBC Shop US and Doctor Who Shop US and in Canada for  $37.98 from …Read moreRead more

BBC America Brings Doctor Who Exclusively to Amazon Prime

Time to Regenerate as Doctor Who Returns to the Streaming World on This March on Amazon Prime By Nolan P. Smith (Victor Valley)– Fire up the TARDIS, because Doctor Who is coming back to streaming in North America, and its new home is Amazon Prime. This was announced today as Amazon and BBC Worldwide North…Read moreRead more

Doctor Who Finale Review: Hell Bent

Review by Daniel Schwartz Contributing Guest Reviewer (Victor Valley)– The Hybrid, the journey to Gallifrey and Clara’s death were all leading to this moment. In the season 9 finale of Doctor Who, showrunner Stephen Moffat wrapped up some plot threads and left several more wide open for the next season and beyond. For the first…Read moreRead more

Doctor Who Review: Face the Raven

        By Daniel Schwartz Contributing Guest Reviewer Waning: SPOILERS BELOW Usually, defining moments on Doctor Who such as regeneration and the loss of a companion are met with much expectation and fanfare and take place during the season finale. Face the Raven breaks this trend as The Doctor’s long-time companion Clara Oswald…Read moreRead more

BBC Worldwide North America Presents the Holiday Gift Guide for Doctor Who and Sherlock

By Nolan P. Smith The fine folks at BBC Worldwide North America sent us over a holiday gift guide for fans of two of the biggest shows in pop culture- Sherlock and Doctor Who. So whether you know a fan of Holmes and the good Dr. Watson, or you have that Whovian in your life…Read moreRead more

Doctor Who Review: Under The Lake

Review by Daniel Schwartz Contributing Guest Reviewer WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW Do you believe in ghosts? Peter Capaldi’s first attempt to answer that question only led to a disappointing conclusion (Hide). This time around, his battle with these violent apparitions takes a much more terrifying turn as The Doctor follows the old adage, if you can’t…Read moreRead more

Doctor Who Review: Season 9, Episode 1: The Magician’s Apprentice

Review by Daniel Schwartz Contributing Guest Writer (Victor Valley)– The first episode of a new season is always a cause for celebration among Whovians. Having waited almost 9 months since “Last Christmas” fans were eagerly awaiting the return of The Doctor and Clara and they were not disappointed. Warning: Spoilers Below. With internet rumors, leaks,…Read moreRead more

Five Times Doctor Who Shocked Fans

By Daniel Schwartz Contributing Guest Writer (Victor Valley)– It seems that every television and movie show today has been plagued by trolls looking to drop spoilers onto the internet and ruin all of the surprises for fans. Doctor Who is no different. Fan speculation and leaked plot lines have ruined many otherwise shocking moments inside…Read moreRead more

Six Possible Doctor Who Characters Maisie Williams Could Be

By Daniel Schwartz Contributing Guest Writer (Victor Valley)– The trailer for the new season of Doctor Who is here. Like all of the previous Doctor Who trailers, fans are given a glimpse of the upcoming villains and heroes without giving away any plot or spoilers. A creepy rockabilly man is shown walking down a hallway,…Read moreRead more