New Trailer for the Man of Steel

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s… You got it, It’s big blue himself, Superman, in a brand new trailer for the Man of Steel. With this trailer, we get a better look at Zod, as well as a glimpse at the epic battle scenes we have been dreaming of in a Superman film. Opening June…Read moreRead more

New Man of Steel Trailer

One word: Amazing. The new Man of Steel trailer dropped today, and it is as epic as a trailer can be. The Zack Snyder directed, Christopher Nolan produced reboot of the Superman franchise hits theaters this coming summer, and stars Henry Cavill as DC Comic’s iconic alien. This is bittersweet for me. On one hand,…Read moreRead more

Both Man of Steel Trailers…Yes, There are Two!

Whoever that man is…good character or bad… is gonna change the world… Those are the words of Pa Kent, played by Kevin Costner in next year’s Man of Steel, and from the trailer many of us saw before The Dark Knight Rises. However, have you heard the Jor-El version? Check out the video below, as…Read moreRead more

Chopping Block Review: The Dark Knight Rises

It’s the most anticipated film of the summer, maybe even of the year. This is director Christopher Nolan’s swan song to DC Comic’s Dark Knight, Batman. He gave us a great new beginning, and an unforgettable Dark Knight, so how does the third film in the trilogy measure up to the unbelievably high level of…Read moreRead more

The Cost of Being Batman

It takes the big bucks to be the Dark Knight. put up an amazingly well done breakdown of the cost of being Batman, as set in Christopher Nolan’s bat-verse. Very cool, now who has the money to do this???

Dark Knight Rises to $160.9 Million Despite Tragedy

Why do we fall, sir? So that we might learn to pick ourselves up. In the wake of the horrible tragedy known as the Batman Movie Massacre, The Dark Knight Rises still brought in crowds by the thousands. The end to Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy brought in $160.9 million this weekend, which places it at…Read moreRead more

Christopher Nolan Not Involved With Justice League Movie

Well, the rumors sounded good, didn’t they? In an Associated Press interview today, Writer/Director Christopher Nolan cleared the air on the rumors of him being involved in the eventual Justice League film. Nolan stated on his future with Batman and the Justice League: “I’ve got no plans to do anything more, and certainly, no involvement…Read moreRead more

Full Synopsis for The Dark Knight Rises

The legend is coming to an end. Warner Brothers released the full synopsis for one of the biggest films of the summer, The Dark Knight Rises. Here is the synopsis, and HERE is the website for Warner Brothers annoucement: Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ “The Dark Knight Rises” is the epic conclusion to filmmaker…Read moreRead more

New The Dark Knight Rises Trailer!

Check out the newest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises! This one has more to it, gives a better feel of what to expect…what do you think? The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters in the US July 20th.