Bayonetta! Corrin! Cloud! New Video from Nintendo Spotlights Upcoming Super Smash Bros. Fighters

By Staff Reports (BUSINESS WIRE)– In the final video presentation dedicated to the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games, creator Masahiro Sakurai provided many details about previously announced character Cloud from FINAL FANTASY VII, as well as introduced two new playable fighters to the franchise: Corrin from upcoming Nintendo 3DS game…Read moreRead more

Cloud is Coming to Super Smash Bros… This is NOT a Joke!

By Nolan P. Smith For months, fans of Nintendo’s trademark brawler have been waiting to see who would be the next fighter to enter the ring in Super Smash Bros. I don’t think many saw this coming, as Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud will be the next fighter in the game, for both the Wii U…Read moreRead more

Final Fantasy VII Remake is FINALLY Happening!

By Nolan P. Smith The remake gamers have been clamoring for since forever is finally going to happen. No, really. Final Fantasy VII is getting remade. We have a trailer to prove it. Details are scarce, just that it is happening, and that the PlayStation 4 will get it first. Check out the trailer below,…Read moreRead more