Let’s Kickstart This! Amazing Heroes: 1/18 Scale Super Hero Action Figures

It’s time to shine the spotlight once again on an amazing project that needs to be brought to life via the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. It’s time, so Let’s Kickstart This! This time, we take a look at a line of 3 3/4 inch action figures that spans the world of comics: let’s take a look…Read moreRead more

Curse Words #2 Review: Be Careful What You Wish For

Curse Words #2

Image Comics Curse Words continues to astound By Nolan P. Smith In the debut issue of Curse Words, we met a powerful man of magic known as a Wizord, his trusty companion Margaret the Koala Bear (#teammargaret), and how exactly they came to be in the “real” world. With the second issue, we get more…Read moreRead more

Image Comics Curse Words Gets a Paolo Rivera Cover, More Issues Rushed Back to Print

Curse Words

Soule and Browne’s Curse Words Continues to Cast a Different Kind of Spell on Readers By Staff Reports Image Comics is pleased to reveal CURSE WORDS #3’s Paolo Rivera cover in time to tease the legions of fans hooked on Charles Soule and Ryan Browne’s hot new series. CURSE WORDS #1 and #2 will also…Read moreRead more

Pastrami Nation Podcast: Nintendo Switch, X-O Manowar, American Gods, Image Comics and More

By Nolan P. Smith We are back with another exciting podcast! For our special Groundhog Day episode, we talk about the Nintendo Switch, the upcoming X-O Manowar series, the awesome series Curse Words, the amazing American Gods and the TV series and comic series it has spawned, and the anniversary of the iconic Image Comics….Read moreRead more

Curse Words #1 Review: A Wizording World

Curse Words

Image Comics shows off a new type of Wizard in Curse Words By Nolan P. Smith Wizards have been a hit in the realm of pop culture for a very long time. From the Wizard of Oz, the backwards spelling speaking Zatanna, the pages of the sorcerer supreme, Doctor Strange, the iconic Gandalf in the…Read moreRead more

Curse Words Rushed Back to Print

Image Comics series by Soule and Browne sold out instantly, second print of Curse Words hits in February By Staff Reports Bestselling writer Charles Soule and artist Ryan Browne’s CURSE WORDS has cast its spell on the comics industry, launching yesterday to overwhelming critical and fan praise. In order to keep up with increasing customer demand,…Read moreRead more