Doomsday Clock #1 Review: Time Keeps on Ticking

By Nolan P. Smith Back in 1986, the world was given a very different take on superheroes with The Watchmen. Dark, unexpected and riddled with mature themes and scenes, the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons mini-series is one of the greatest graphic novels of all time. Now, fast forward to 2017, and it looks like The Watchmen…Read moreRead more

Green Lanterns Rebirth #1: New Ringslingers in Town

The Rookies Take Center Stage in Green Lanterns Rebirth #1 By Nolan P. Smith Being the final of the four Rebirth books I checked out this week, we see where the Green Lantern universe is heading with the company wide shake up. But note the title of this book , Green Lanterns, plural. We don’t…Read moreRead more

DC Universe Rebirth #1 Review: Brand New (Old) World

DC Universe Rebirth Will Make You Believe Again in the DCU By Nolan P. Smith With the media storm surrounding the release of DC Comic’s DC Universe Rebirth, fans across the globe held their collective breath as we all hoped that the DC Universe would be saved from itself. Well, a hero has emerged, and…Read moreRead more

New Justice League of America Announced with Martian Manhunter, Catwoman and… Vibe???

So THAT”S the Justice League? Today at the Toronto Fan Expo, DC Comics announced that a new Justice League of America series is coming in 2013, and if you are looking for the big three, you will be disappointed. This is a very different league, and it’s supposed to be. Martian Manhunter has always been…Read moreRead more