Let’s Kickstart This! Reach- A Graphic Novel

By Nolan P. Smith It is time once again to shine the spotlight down on a well deserving Kickstarter project: this time, its the graphic novel, Reach. So, without further adieu… Let’s Kickstart This! What is Reach? Here’s straight from their Kickstarter page: Reach is a three-part adventure that follows a family line over three…Read moreRead more

Let’s Kickstart This Today! In Sanity, AZ Ends in 11 Hours!

Time is of the essence! In Sanity, AZ, a Kickstarter project that aims to produce a collection of stories told in the comic book medium about a strange desert town, has it’s Kickstarter campaign end today. They are SO close to reaching the goal, so please check it out, share it around, and help make…Read moreRead more

Let’s Kickstart this! The oddness that is “in Sanity, AZ”

The desert can spawn some strange, strange people. But odd is good, better than being like everyone else, right? Then check out the comic book Kickstarter project “in Sanity, AZ”, which hosts a slew of oddball characters and stories from the minds of Mike Fountain, Marcel Losada, James Ninness and Joe Pezzula, along with a…Read moreRead more

Western Revenge Comic Rue Debuts Online in December for 99 Cents!

Now, that’s a lot of bang for your buck. Check out the press release for Rue, a western one shot comic book that hits the digital presses this December for the amazing price of only 99 cents! From the sounds of it, it sounds like a can’t miss for that price. Be sure to pick…Read moreRead more