Comic Book Review: Five Weapons #1

Written by Jimmie Robinson Art by Jimmie Robinson Published by: Image Comics Website: By Nolan Patrick Smith High school can be tough enough on a teen. Those awkward years that go in to trying to obtain that almighty diploma and get the heck out as soon as possible are years we all remember, and…Read moreRead more

So What Exactly is Jimmie Robinson’s Five Weapons?

We have seen the teasers…so what is The Five Weapons? Image Comics sent out a press release today, shedding light on the Jimmie Robinson written and drawn project, as well as provided sneak peeks at the first three covers! Comics/Shadowline mini-series by Jimmie Robinson (BOMB QUEEN), FIVE WEAPONS, students train in the martial arts, pledging…Read moreRead more

Third Teaser for Jimmie Robinson’s Five Weapons: Nat the Gat

Check out the third teaser image for the Image Comics/Shadowline book, Five Weapons, by Bomb Queen’s Jimmie Robinson. Looks like we have the first male of the group, Nat the Gat.

Teaser 2 for Image/Shadowline’s Five Weapons: Let Me Get My Snake

Teaser 2 is here! Alright, so yesterday we saw Jade the Blade in the teaser for Jimmie Robinson’s Five Weapons, which hits stores in February 2013. Now, it’s Joon the Loon with her snake friend. Let’s see what the next one holds…

Jimmie Robinson’s Five Weapons From Image Comics/ Shadowline- February 2013

Here comes the teasers! Image Comics/ Shadowline released a teaser for Jimmie Robinson’s Five Weapons, which is due out in February 2013. So far, all I know about it is what’s seen here: a schoolgirl character called Jade the Blade is obviously one of the five weapons. I am interested in what we see next,…Read moreRead more