The X-Files Vol. 4: Resistance Review

By Kevin Hoskinson Contributing Guest Reviewer Over its original 9 season run (and even during its current revival seasons), The X-Files captivated the minds of sci-fi fans, but it didn’t stop there. It also appealed to fans of horror, drama, and everything in between. The show made an impact because it fed on our fears,…Read moreRead more

Divinity III: Aric, Son of the Revolution #1 Review: X-O Man of Russia

Aric Son of the Revolution

Valiant’s iconic hero turns soviet super soldier in Aric Son of the Revolution By Nolan P. Smith Valiant Entertainment’s Divinity III: Stalinverse has dropped the universe on its head. With the Soviet Union now the major super power of the world, heroes are not what they seemed to be, especially when looking at the front…Read moreRead more

Snowfall #1 Review: Winter Wonderland

By Kevin Hoskinson Contributing Guest Reviewer Mixing the mystical with the futuristic, Snowfall is an interesting twist on what happens when our climate goes to hell, and big corporate has control of the government. Upon first glance, it feels like a fairy tale world, with its bright artwork and very first words promising such. But…Read moreRead more

Snowfall Brings Deadly Chill to Dystopian Genre + Preview!

By Staff Reports Bestselling writer Joe Harris (The X-Files) and artist Martín Morazzo (Vertigo Quarterly), creators of GREAT PACIFIC, reunite for an all-new ongoing science-fiction series set in the year 2045—where it no longer snows. “With Snowfall, we’re presenting a 21st century America in which the climate has gone completely to shit and where fully…Read moreRead more

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure in Image Comic's Great Pacific

Get ready for a new take on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Image Comics announced today a new series that takes the Garbage Patch to a whole new level. An island of trash, action and intrigue await in Great Pacific, a new series by Joe Harris and Martin Morrazo. Check out the press release below,…Read moreRead more