Marvel Comics Unveils the New Angela Design by Joe Q!

Change is good for everybody. Marvel Comics announced a few weeks back that Angela (yes, Angela from the Spawn comics) is coming to the Marvel Universe thanks to the current storyline, Age of Ultron! We knew she would get redesigned,and now here is the first look of the new design by Joe Quesada! Check out…Read moreRead more

Valiant Masters: Ninjak Volume 1 Hits Stores February 2013

Valiant is bringing it back, old school. Check out the official press release for Valiant Masters: Ninjak Volume 1, by Mark Moretti and Joe Quesada… yup, That Joe Q. This looks like it should be a great collection, and Quesada’s artwork has always impressed me, even before he became Knighted at Marvel. Also, check out…Read moreRead more