It’s Good to Be Bad – Your New Look at VENOM #1!

A New Host Means a New Venom This November By Staff Reports This November, it’s good to be bad. From the far reaches of space the symbiote returns to the choked alleys and darkened streets of New York City in the all-new VENOM #1! Fan-Favorite creators Mike Costa (Web Warriors) and Gerardo Sandoval (New Avengers)…Read moreRead more

Genndy Tartakovsky Brings CAGE! #1 to Marvel NOW! This October!

Animation Superstar Takes on Luke Cage for New Series, CAGE! By Staff Reports— The wait is finally over! Award-winning animator Genndy Tartakovsky (Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, Hotel Transylvania) charges headlong into Marvel NOW! to bring his long-awaited Luke Cage tale to life! Written by Tartakovsky with art by Tartakovsky & inker Stephen DeStefano, Marvel is…Read moreRead more

All-New Marvel NOW! Sell Outs Continue as More Titles Return to Press

By Staff Reports (New York)– You already know All-New Marvel NOW! has everyone buzzing – and today Marvel is proud to announce that even more red-hot titles have sold out at the distributor level and will immediately return to press! Missed out on great titles like  ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER #2, IRON FIST: THE LIVING WEAPON…Read moreRead more

Marvel Announces Haden Blackman As New Elektra Writer

By Staff Reports Marvel Entertainment is excited to announce the addition of Haden Blackman as series writer for Elektra beginning with an All-New Marvel NOW! #1. On shelves this April, the perilous and dangerous adventures of Elektra Natchios – simply known by her enigmatic moniker of Elektra – will be orchestrated by critically acclaimed writer…Read moreRead more

Magneto #1 Strikes in March

By Staff Reports Erik Lehnsherr is judge, jury, and executioner this March when he makes his All-New Marvel NOW! debut in MAGNETO #1 – a haunting new ongoing series from the blockbuster creative team of Cullen Bunn (Wolverine, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe)  and Gabriel Hernandez Walta (Astonishing X-Men)! He’s been called many things –…Read moreRead more

Superstar Storytellers MARK WAID & CHRIS SAMNEE Re-Team for DAREDEVIL #1!

By Staff Reports (New York, NY)– You just can’t keep the Man Without Fear down! Matt Murdock makes his All-New Marvel NOW! debut with an exciting new monthly series starting with Daredevil #1 this March! Beloved by critics and fans alike, Eisner-Award winning storytellers Mark Waid (Captain America, The Amazing Spider-Man) and Chris Samnee (Thor:…Read moreRead more

Marvel Now! Countdown to NYCC-SINNERS!

SINNERS All-New Marvel NOW! starts here! The reveals begin at New York Comic-Con! To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook. For comics anytime, anywhere check out and Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies,…Read moreRead more

Marvel Now! Teasers-Countdown to NYCC-HIGHER

HIGHER All-New Marvel NOW! starts here! The reveals begin at New York Comic-Con! To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook. For comics anytime, anywhere check out and Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies,…Read moreRead more

Marvel Now! Global

GLOBAL All-New Marvel NOW! starts here! The reveals begin at New York Comic-Con! To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook. For comics anytime, anywhere check out and Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on…Read moreRead more

Count on Marvel to Deliver

What do you think of this latest Marvel Comics teaser? The hash marks add up to…you guessed it, 52… a number made famous by DC Comics overhaul of the universe, The New 52. Here is hoping for no clean slate, the current Marvel NOW books have been, for the most part, amazing. What do you…Read moreRead more

Marvel NOW Brings an All Female X-Men Team This April from Wood and Coipel

Get ready for an all new, all different, all ladies X-Men! Marvel announced today that the teaser with the XX from last week is indeed an all female X-Men team, which will be showcased in the new X-Men #1 by Brian Wood and Oliver Coipel. Check out the press release from Marvel below: The Future…Read moreRead more

Marvel Now-Time for a Revolution

Sounds like a revolution. Check out the latest Marvel NOW teaser, which shows a change in artist for Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men. This April, it looks like Briand Michael Bendis will be greeted by artist Frazer Irving for the core X-Men title. Looks awesome, picking up Uncanny when it hits this month, and plan to continue…Read moreRead more

Marvel NOW-Birth

And now… birth! The new Marvel NOW teaser is up, and it’s about birth. Jason Aaron and Simone Bianchi are the creators behind this one, which makes me think it maybe be mutant/Wolverine related. Only time will tell…

Marvel NOW: I SCREAM for Deadpool!

You scream, I scream, we all scream for…Deadpool! Another Marvel NOW teaser hit today, with a creative change for Marvel’s merc with a mouth, Deadpool! Here is the info from Marvel: The Future of Marvel NOW! Is I SCREAM. Gerry Duggan. Brian Posehn. Mike Hawthorne. April 2013 So far, I’m loving the new Deadpool book…Read moreRead more

Marvel Now-The Future is Smash with Walt Simonson on the Indestructible Hulk!

Hulk will smash in all his glory this April. The comic book legend Walt Simonson will provide his glorious visuals to the Indestructible Hulk this April. Check out the info from Marvel below: The Future of Marvel NOW! Is SMASH. Mark Waid. Walter Simonson. April 2013 Now, I love the Indestructible Hulk thus far, but…Read moreRead more

Marvel NOW- The Future is FIRED for the Superior Spider-Man

Yoooooooour fired! Those seem to be the words that the Avengers tell the new Superior Spider-Man by the looks of the newest teaser for Marvel NOW. Here’s what info was available: The Future of Marvel NOW! Is FIRED. Dan Slott. Humberto Ramos. April 2013 Wonder why he’s fired? Could it be because of who the…Read moreRead more

The Future of Marvel NOW is Explosive! Noto on Thunderbolts!

Justice…like lightning! Marvel has sent out another teaser for a Marvel NOW book, but this one is pretty easy to put together: it’s the Thunderbolts getting a new artist, Phil Noto! Now, why Elektra and the Punisher are so…friendly, I don’t know, but Noto’s art is always top notch so it should be a fun…Read moreRead more

New Marvel NOW Teaser: The Future of Marvel NOW is XX

Ready for another teaser? Marvel sent out a new teaser today, keeping in the style of the one word teasers that Marvel NOW has been known for. But this time: it’s two letters, XX. This was the only text included in the email: The Future of Marvel NOW! Is XX. Brian Wood. Olivier Coipel. April…Read moreRead more

Chopping Block Review: FF #1

So with the Fantastic Four being relaunched, so was its sister title, the Future Foundation (or FF for short). When the Human Torch died a few months back, the team donned black and white uniforms and became the Future Foundation, with Spider-Man as a member. The book was top-notch, but with Marvel NOW comes change,…Read moreRead more

Chopping Block Review: Fantastic Four #1

The Fantastic Four: the first family of super heroes. They have seen quite a few changes in their decade spanning career: we saw Reed Richards, The Thing and Johnny Storm die at different times, we have seen replacements and fill in members on the roster, and we even saw the team change to the Future…Read moreRead more

Chopping Block Review: Captain America #1

With the slew of Marvel NOW releases, this one is one of the headliners, and for good reason. This is a relaunch of the flagship character of the Marvel Universe, the sentinel of liberty himself, Captain America. But, like many of the Marvel NOW books, this isn’t the first, or even third time the book…Read moreRead more

Chopping Block Review: The Indestructible Hulk #1

Review by Nolan P. Smith-Pastrami Nation Writer: Mark Waid Artist: Leinil Yu Publisher: Marvel Comics Website: SPOILERS AHEAD The Hulk: the jade giant of the Marvel Universe. The powerhouse of the Avengers, and the self-proclaimed strongest there is. We saw him flatten Loki in The Avengers this year, now he’s back with a brand…Read moreRead more

Marvel NOW: The Uncanny X-Men by Bendis and Bachalo

Looks like you can’t keep a good mutant down. Check out the cover to Uncanny X-Men #1, the big X-book to come out of the Marvel NOW umbrella. Brian Michael Bendis will be writing, while longtime X-artist Chris Bachalo will be handling the art chores. With mutants once again beginning to resurface after the effects…Read moreRead more

Chopping Block Review: Uncanny Avengers #1

Now that Avengers Vs X-Men is in the record books, Marvel Now is here. The first series to come out the gate is the Uncanny Avengers, a book that boasts a half X-Men/ half Avengers roster. Now, the idea is kind of out there, but seeing one name as the writer put my fears at…Read moreRead more

Marvel NOW: Cable and X-Force

It’s another fresh start for X-Force. As part of the Marvel NOW movement, Marvel announced the return of Cable to the team he made famous, X-Force. Writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Salvador Larroca bring the team of outlaws back to the Marvel Universe, with Cable leading the pack. The team is a mix of old,…Read moreRead more

Marvel NOW's Thunderbolts: An All New Team Led by The Red Hulk

That’s one deadly team! Marvel Comics announced today that the Thunderbolts is getting a total overhaul for its Marvel NOW relaunch, and it’s team members aren’t exactly team players. Written by Daniel Way with art by Steve Dillon, the team will now be led by General Thunderbolt Ross, better known as the Red Hulk these…Read moreRead more

Marvel NOW Avengers Line Up Assembled!

It takes three covers, but they have assembled! has officially released the covers for Avengers #1, which is the crown jewel to the Marvel NOW movement. Check out the line up so far, and let’s dissect who’s who: Ok, let’s start on the left: obviously, we have Captain America, Wolverine and the Hulk. Looking…Read moreRead more

Marvel NOW: Rick Remender and John Romita Jr Take Over Captain America + Cover Art!

For me, this is the dream team. Rick Remender, who has wowed me since Image Comic’s Sea of Red (which you should all go check out!), is now in the driver seat for the sentinel of liberty, with the legendary John Romita Jr. bringing the story to life this November. spoke with Remender about…Read moreRead more

Marvel NOW: Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic Take the Reigns of Thor- God of Thunder

The Thunder God Rises Again. has an article up with Writer Jason Aaron and artist Esad Ribic as they take on the Asgardian in Thor- God of Thunder. Looks like Thor is in good hands, as a new villain in the series will be The God Butcher, a being that goes around killing immortals…Read moreRead more

Marvel NOW: Mark Waid & Leinil Yu Talk the Indestructible Hulk + Cover!

The Hulk will smash! Yes, that line above is wrong on purpose. In an interview with, writer Mark Waid and artist Leinil Yu talk about the new Indestructible Hulk book, which hits this November. Waid is a legend in the comic book world, with my personal favorites being Irredeemable and Daredevil, and now he…Read moreRead more