Movie Review: The Kid Who Would Be King

By Kevin Hoskinson By now, we are all familiar with the legend of King Arthur. The story of King Arthur, Excalibur and the Knights of the Round Table has been retold time and time again on the big screen. The most recent retelling of the story,  20th Century Fox’s “The Kid Who Would Be King,”…Read moreRead more

Black Mass Review: The Face of Fear

Review by Nolan P. Smith (Victor Valley)—He’s a household name- just about anyone who watches the television knows who James “Whitey” Bulger is. One of the most feared and violent men in current history, Bulger and his men carved their legacy in blood across the streets of South Boston. With Black Mass, we see not…Read moreRead more

Kingsman- The Secret Service Review- A New Kind of Spy for 2015

  Review by Nolan P. Smith (Apple Valley)—When it comes to the world of films, we are enthralled with the spies. Especially spies fighting for the greater good; James Bond is, of course, the most well known on the silver screen. With Kingsman- The Secret Service, we are once again thrown into a world of…Read moreRead more