Dead End Kids #2 Review- Hard Knock Life

By Nolan P. Smith Dead End Kids kicked off with death and mystery, so I have been waiting to continue the journey of a band of kids out to find out how their friend died. With issue #2, we dive deeper, and learn more about the past of these kids, and what has shaped their…Read moreRead more

Dead End Kids #1 Review: That thing called life, and death

By Nolan P. Smith Comic books aren’t all capes and epic battles. They can also be trips down memory lane, friendship, and murder. Welcome to the world of Dead End Kids, from Source Point Press. The book is written by Frank Gogol, with art by Nenad Cviticanin, and letters by Sean Rinehart, reuniting the team…Read moreRead more

The Kids Aren’t Alright: Interview with Dead End Kids Creator Frank Gogol

By Nolan P. Smith The world of comic books is so vast and diverse. From superheroes to space cats, from television series continuations to heroes in a half shell, the landscape of the comic book industry is amazing right now, if you know where to look. Sure, the big two publishers like Marvel and DC…Read moreRead more