Degrees of Separation Review

By Kevin Hoskinson Degrees of Separation is a fun indie 2D platformer developed by indie studio Moondrop and published by Modus Games. It follows Ember and Rime, two characters from different worlds, but with a common goal. While it’s fun to play by yourself, the experience really opens up when you play with a friend….Read moreRead more

Riot: Civil Unrest Review

By Steven Seggerman When browsing through the Switch’s eShop I spied Riot and was instantly curious. The backstory behind the game’s development had me even more intrigued when I discovered that the developers behind Riot found themselves caught in, well, a riot! This is what inspired them to create a game about actual conflicts, showing…Read moreRead more

VIZ Media Unveils The World Next Door

By Staff Reports VIZ Media takes gamers on a vivid journey to an alternate realm with the release of THE WORLD NEXT DOOR on March 28th. This debut video game from the multimedia entertainment company is produced as part of an ongoing publishing partnership with indie game innovator Rose City Games, with character designs by…Read moreRead more

Toe Jam and Earl Back in the Groove Review

By Steven Seggerman If you never got the chance to play the original Toe Jam and Earl on the Sega Genesis, way back in 1991, don’t worry because most didn’t. It was an odd looking game whose success has always been mixed. That’s not to say it didn’t gain a cult following. For a time…Read moreRead more

Video Game Review: Tyr Chains of Valhalla

By Steven Seggerman Tyr: Chains of Valhalla is a side-scrolling shooter much like that of Mega Man, except in all the worst ways possible. I want to get this out of the way now; I hated this game. I hated just about everything in regards to this game. If you are a fan of fun,…Read moreRead more

Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition Brings Co-op and New Friends to Nintendo Switch Feb. 26

By Staff Reports Get ready for a throwback to classic platformers as Rad Rogers invades the Nintendo Switch with guns drawn. Rad Rodgers, an homage to classic ’90s-era platformers from developer Slipgate Studios and publishers 3D Realms and HandyGames, a THQ Nordic company, locks and loads on Nintendo Switch February 26 with all-new content including…Read moreRead more

Video Game Review- Jack Quest: The Tale of the Sword

By Steven Seggerman These days side-scrolling, pixel art, hack and slash games are a dime a dozen. To stand out from the crowd, your game needs something genuinely unique. It needs to be beautiful; it needs heart, it needs a robust combat system and a world that, while 2D, feels like it has real depth….Read moreRead more

UglyDolls Video Game to Launch This Spring on PS4, XB1, Switch, and PC

By Staff Reports Global video game publisher Outright Games, Whitespace Entertainment (WSE) and global next generation media company STX Entertainment (STX),  today announce UglyDolls: An Imperfect Adventure, a new videogame set in the UglyDolls universe known as the Uglyville. Based on highly anticipated animated film franchise UglyDolls ,the game will launch in North and South…Read moreRead more

Video Game Review: Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

By Steven Seggerman Originally released back in 2003 on just about everything you can think of. PS2, Xbox, PC, and the Gamecube, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy was given decent scores all around. Despite this, the game went completely under the radar for most people. Now it’s 2019, and it’s been ported once again. This…Read moreRead more

Achtung! Cthulu Tactics Nintendo Switch Review

By Steven Seggerman As if WWII wasn’t terrible enough, now we have Lovecraftian nightmare fueled Nazis to deal with. You’ll take charge of a small group on a quiet stroll through the Forrest of Fear, killing evil incarnate along the way. Heavily inspired by games like X-com, Achtung is a tactical shooter that manages to…Read moreRead more

The Raven Remastered Review

By Steven Seggerman A long thought dead master thief, The Raven, has resurfaced and is out to steal the world’s greatest treasures. It’s up to Swiss Constable Anton Zellner to stop him using his top-notch detective skills. He isn’t an inspector tough, hasn’t even seen a murder scene before. In fact, you’ll spend most of…Read moreRead more

Nordic Action-Adventure RPG Fimbul Releases on Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC Feb. 28

By Staff Reports Fimbul, the Norse comic action-adventure from EuroVideo’s publishing label Wild River and Danish developer Zaxis Games, initiates an icy apocalypse on Feb. 28. The epic tale will be available both digitally and physically for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC, as well as digitally for Xbox One. Fimbulwinter, the prelude to the…Read moreRead more

Coffee Crisis Review

By Steven Seggerman If you’re a fan of coffee, metal, and classic arcade-style games like Streets of Rage, you may find a lot to enjoy with Mega Cat Studios multiplayer beat ‘em up: Coffee Crisis. I knew I was in for a crazy ride when the narrator is an old man wearing a tinfoil hat…Read moreRead more

War Tech Fighters Enters the Battlefield on Consoles in Q2 2019

By Staff Reports War Tech Fighters, the sci-fi mech action game from publisher Blowfish Studios and developer Drakkar Dev, hurtles through space onto Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in Q2 2019. After a devastating war, the ruthless Zatros empire claimed the home planets of the Hebos and Ares colonies. Pilots from the remnants…Read moreRead more

Warframe Launching on Switch This November

By Staff Reports Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes is excited to announce its hit cooperative online action game Warframe® will be available for digital download on Nintendo Switch™ Tuesday, November 20, 2018. Having amassed 38 million registered users over its five-year growth cycle on multiple systems, Digital Extremes’ AAA free-to-play game offers Nintendo Switch…Read moreRead more

Heartwarming Adventure Game My Brother Rabbit Releases Sept 21st

By Staff Reports My Brother Rabbit, the emotional and touching adventure game from Artifex Mundi, releases on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam on Sept. 21. After his younger sister is bedridden with a sudden illness, a boy uses the power of imagination to help take her mind off of her serious illness….Read moreRead more

Video Game Review: Salt and Sanctuary

By Nolan P. Smith I don’t get a whole lot of time to play video games these days, which is the sad truth. But when I saw the promo video for Ska Studios new title Salt and Sanctuary, I knew I had to make time and give this gloomy 2D platformer a shot. The version…Read moreRead more

Salt and Sanctuary Invites Daring Adventurers On Nintendo Switch Today

By Staff Reports Salt and Sanctuary, Ska Studios’ brutal hand-drawn 2D Soulslike platformer with over 800,000 downloads, releases today on the Nintendo Switch with the help of porting specialist BlitWorks. After a confrontation with an eldritch beast from the dark depths of the sea slaughters a pirate crew, a lone survivor washes ashore. An old…Read moreRead more

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition Launches on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

  By Staff Reports Natsume Inc., a worldwide developer and publisher of family-oriented video games, and Rising Star Games, European video game publisher and long-standing partner of Natsume, today announced that Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition is now available digitally and at retail for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation®4 in North and South America…Read moreRead more

20XX Blasts to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 on July 10, Xbox One on July 11

By Staff Reports 20XX, the roguelike action platformer from Batterystaple Games and Fire Hose Games, wall jumps to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on July 10, 2018 followed by Xbox One on July 11, 2018. Inspired by classic Mega Man titles, but with modern twists, 20XX remixes retro design with roguelike elements to create an…Read moreRead more

Twin-Stick Shooter from AAA, Hollywood Veterans Sleep Tight Targets July Launch for Nintendo Switch, PC

By Staff Reports Sleep Tight, the adrenaline-inducing arcade-style twin-stick shooter with base-building elements, will have a neighborhood full of playable characters when it releases on July 26 for Nintendo Switch and PC. The game will also feature Mixer functionality that allows viewers to interact with streamers during their broadcasts and participate in the experience in…Read moreRead more

Experience the Splendor of Okami HD This Summer on Nintendo Switch

By Staff Reports Ōkami HD, one of the most visually breathtaking action video games ever made, is coming to Nintendo Switch with high definition graphics updated for modern HD televisions. Originally released in 2006, Ōkami brought the Japanese Sumi-e ink style art to video games, marrying art with action and an epic tale, making it…Read moreRead more

Fly high with InnerSpace, available today on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux

By Staff Reports Imagine flying in an inverted universe of inside-out planets, a mind-bending realm where there is no up, no down, and no horizon. Welcome to the world of InnerSpace, launching today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux for $19.99.

Pastrami Nation Podcast: Nintendo Switch, X-O Manowar, American Gods, Image Comics and More

By Nolan P. Smith We are back with another exciting podcast! For our special Groundhog Day episode, we talk about the Nintendo Switch, the upcoming X-O Manowar series, the awesome series Curse Words, the amazing American Gods and the TV series and comic series it has spawned, and the anniversary of the iconic Image Comics….Read moreRead more

Nintendo Announces Fire Emblem Games for Mobile, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS

Multiple Fire Emblem Games in the Series Are in Development – the First Launches Feb. 2 By Staff Reports Nintendo surprised Fire Emblem fans today via a Nintendo Direct announcement with the news that multiple games from the hit strategy-RPG franchise are in development. These include a new game for smart devices, two games for…Read moreRead more

Nintendo Switch Launches March 3 at $299.99

Nintendo Switch

Upcoming Games, New Hardware Features for the Nintendo Switch By Staff Reports Nintendo announced today that the new Nintendo Switch system will launch worldwide on March 3, 2017 at a suggested retail price of $299.99 in the United States.