Superman: Action Comics #958 Review: Here Comes Doomsday

By Nolan P. Smith Last issue’s Rebirth kick off was full of reveals and surprises: Superman is dead, Lex Luthor takes up the S shield to defend Metropolis, the old Superman reveals himself, a new Clark Kent is revealed, and the murderous monster Doomsday is back and ready to fight. That’s a great way for…Read moreRead more

Action Comics #957 Review: The REAL Superman Rebirth

Action Comics #957 Kicks off the Superman Rebirth the Right Way By Nolan P. Smith With the Superman: Rebirth special being a bit underwhelming for me, as it served as more of a recap/set up to the new status quo for the Man of Steel, Action Comics #957 reads like a new beginning. Written by…Read moreRead more

Shadowman #0 and Archer and Armstrong #0 Invade Stores This May

It’s a zero hour kind of day. This May, two more titles from Valiant get the zero treatment: one is a dark defender of the world, and the other is an immoral drunk. Yeah, sounds like a party, all right! With Shadowman #0, take a look at the man who carried the mantle of Shadowman…Read moreRead more

Chopping Block Review: Shadowman #1

Reviewed by Nolan P. Smith-Pastrami Nation Writers: Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher Artist: Patrick Zircher Publisher: Valiant Entertainment Website: In 1992, Shadowman blasted on the comic scene, and wow did he make an impact. One of the most memorable characters out of the Valiant Universe, Shadowman went on to cross media success with two…Read moreRead more

Shadowman Returns to Comics This November

Back from the shadows… Valiant’s string of amazing relaunches continues this November with the iconic Shadowman. Who’s Shadowman? Really? Shadowman debuted in 1992 as part of Valiant then, back when Valiant was cranking out some of the best books on the planet. Shadowman was even the star of two video games. Well, he’s back, and…Read moreRead more