Spider-Man 2099 #1 Review- A Blast from the Future

Review by Nolan P. Smith Written by Peter David Art by Will Sliney Publisher: Marvel Comics (Victor Valley)—With all the new titles and number one issues hitting right now from Marvel, it is easy to overlook a title here and there. One that should absolutely not be overlooked is the first issue of the new…Read moreRead more

Deadpool's Art of War #1 Rewrites the Book on Warfare This October

By Staff Reports It’s been called the definitive work on military strategy and tactics. Sun Tzu’s seminal Art of War has influenced warfare for hundreds of years. From the battlefield to business and beyond, there has never been a work of more import when it comes to strategy and preparation. Until now! Today, Marvel is…Read moreRead more

A New Team. A New Mission. Your First Look at ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #1 Brought to You by SERVAL INDUSTRIES

By Staff Reports This January, X-Factor is back like you’ve never seen them before in the exciting ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #1 – from legendary X-Factor scribe Peter David and red hot artist Carmine Di Giandomenico! Serval Industries, the world’s foremost leader in cutting-edge internet and weapons technology has just unveiled their newest contribution to society –…Read moreRead more

How You Can Help Peter David During This Impossible Time

Want to help? Here’s how. Kathleen David, wife of famed comic book writer and author Peter David, posted the message below, which offers an update on Peter and ways to help during this difficult time. For those that don’t know, Peter suffered a stroke while on vacation with his family on December 29th. While recovering,…Read moreRead more

Writer Peter David Suffers a Stroke

Peter David, a staple in the comic industry and known for his epic runs on the Incredible Hulk and X-Factor to name a few, has suffered a stroke and is recovering. The news broke on his official website, where he let the world know: I have had a stroke. We were on vacation in Florida…Read moreRead more

Prime Cut Spotlight: Marvel Comic's X-Factor

No, it is not about the TV show. I have been meaning to do a review and a spotlight on this series for quite some time now. Marvel Comics has been publishing the X-Factor title for awhile now, starting back with a team that was made up of the original members of the X-Men: Cyclops,…Read moreRead more