Eminem- Kamikaze Review: Return to Form

Last year, the controversial motor-mouthed rapper Eminem made his return with Revival, an album that didn’t make the impact his previous releases have in the past. Personally, I thought it was really good, just a departure from the fiery, battle rap emcee I have followed since The Slim Shady LP. Well, this past week, Eminem…Read moreRead more

Let’s Kickstart This! RUN DM STEAM by Hesperia’s own Poplock Holmes

Pass the tea! The beats, the lyrics, and the energy: Hip-Hop is one of those art forms that instantly makes you want to tap your toe to the beat. What Hesperia native Poplock Holmes has in store for his first CD outing is a bit different: the Steampunk infused Chap-Hop. With your help, his Kickstarter…Read moreRead more

Real Rap Song of the Week is Back! “Nouveau Depart” from Common Market

Ok, here we are, back with one of my favorite things to post: Real Rap Song of the Week! I know, we haven’t posted up much in regards to music as of late, but that ends here! Look for a new rap song AT LEAST every Sunday! So, for the first time back is one…Read moreRead more