19 Hours to go to be a Part of Ichido on Kickstarter!

Less than a day left! Want a kick ass comic with a vibe of the old Kurosawa flicks, with some mechs thrown in for good measure? Then you have 19 hours to help fund Ichido Book One on Kickstarter. The project has already met its goal, so this is happening. But if the funds reach…Read moreRead more

Ichido Kickstarter Project- 5 Days Left!

Be a part of it! The Kickstarter project for the Ichido comic book ends in 5 days! Yes, the project has already met it’s goal, but there is still time to pledge, which can get you your own copy of the Ichido book! Plus, if the project reaches $15,000, a stretch goal will be reached…Read moreRead more

Time to Kickstart Ichido!

It’s like a mech filled Kurosawa flick. Yes, that sounds awesome, I know. In my journeys on Kickstarter, I always aim to highlight the best and brightest, projects that I would back myself. Well, one of those projects is Ichido. Created by Tomas Overbai, Ichido is explained as: ICHIDO is a new comic book series…Read moreRead more