Myked Up with Mychal Fabela: Sonic The Hedgehog #1 Review

By Mychal Fabela What’s up, world, it’s Mychal Fabela and I am back with an audio review of IDW’s Sonic The Hedgehog#1! Check out the review below on SoundCloud!

Tyson Hesse’s Diesel #1 Review: The Young and the Restless

By Daniel Schwartz Contributing Guest Reviewer (Victor Valley)– Making the jump from popular web comic to the print medium, Tyson Hesse’s Diesel has come to the Boom Box imprint from Boom Studios for a 4-part, high-flying adventure. In a world where cities float among the clouds, Peacetowne has just pulled up anchor and sailed into…Read moreRead more

Loot Crate and BOOM! Studios Reveal May’s Exclusive Variant Comic Cover

By Staff Reports What happens when you cross Star Trek’s Holodeck with the wacky irreverence of Frederator’s Bravest Warriors? You get Bravest Warriors: Tales from the Holo John, courtesy of BOOM! Studios. (Yes, the Holo John is exactly what you think it is.) And what better way to enjoy this fun, oversized comic adventure than…Read moreRead more