Respawn’s Ryan Lastimosa Talks Titanfall, Digital Armor, Fitness and the Future

By Jason R. Smith and Nolan P. Smith Respawn Entertainment took the world of video games by storm when their debut title, Titanfall hit 2014 with an impact. The online multiplayer shooter let players not only fight as armed pilots, but as massive, weaponized mechs called Titans. When it was released, Titanfall took the X-Box…Read moreRead more

Titanfall 2 In The Works, Will Be Cross Platform

By Nolan P. Smith Rejoice gamers, Titanfall is ready to respawn. Developer Respawn announced in an interview with IGN (see the whole article HERE) that a second, yet still untitled Titanfall game is in the works, and will be cross platform, which leads us to speculate that it will be hitting for not only the…Read moreRead more