Let’s Kickstart This! The Ultimo Dragon Graphic Novel!

By Nolan P. Smith-Pastrami Nation Do you know who the Ultimo Dragon is? If you are a fan of pro wrestling, then you know damn well who he is. The masked wrestler has amazed crowds in WCW, WWF, and across the globe. I am a huge fan of Ultimo Dragon: he’s an amazingly talented, high…Read moreRead more

Former WCW and NWA Pro Wrestler Brad Armstrong Passes Away at 51

It is with regret that we report that former WCW Pro Wrestler Brad Armstrong has passed away at the young age of 51. I remember seeing Brad on WCW, really talented guy. He is the brother of WWE referee Scott Armstrong and Brian “Road Dogg” James, and son of the legendary “Bullet” Bob Armstrong. Pastrami…Read moreRead more

An Agent 88 Message from Tyler Mane + The Art of Agent 88 by Heavy Metal!

Time keeps on ticking…ticking…ticking…into the future… Five days. Five days and the Kickstarter project known as Agent 88 comes to an end. So, we have heard from Digger, the mastermind behind the project. We heard from Kay D’arcy, the actress and martial artists behind Agent 88. Who’s next? How about actor/former pro wrestler Tyler Mane?…Read moreRead more