Curse Words #2 Review: Be Careful What You Wish For

Curse Words #2

Image Comics Curse Words continues to astound By Nolan P. Smith In the debut issue of Curse Words, we met a powerful man of magic known as a Wizord, his trusty companion Margaret the Koala Bear (#teammargaret), and how exactly they came to be in the “real” world. With the second issue, we get more…Read moreRead more

Curse Words #1 Review: A Wizording World

Curse Words

Image Comics shows off a new type of Wizard in Curse Words By Nolan P. Smith Wizards have been a hit in the realm of pop culture for a very long time. From the Wizard of Oz, the backwards spelling speaking Zatanna, the pages of the sorcerer supreme, Doctor Strange, the iconic Gandalf in the…Read moreRead more