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The Walking Dead Review- Heads Up

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

By Nolan P. Smith

(Victor Valley)– This episode, being the one right before the mid-season finale next week, had the hopes of viewers everywhere as high as possible. With show mainstay Glenn still missing for a few episodes now, many feared the worst and awaited some sort of official word. With two episodes already being aired that made no mention of the hero, everyone was hoping to find out his fate with tonight’s episode.


Well, we found out what happened to Glenn, and thankfully, he is still among the living. The character, most known for his big heart and being quick on his feet, managed to squeeze under the now infamous dumpster where we had seen him get torn to shreds. Instead, as many had predicted, it was not his body being ripped apart. I know I thought this, wondering how he could still be screaming if his intestines were being torn from his body. We see Glenn this episode, survive overnight as he hid from the swarm of zombies that cornered him in the alley, and we saw the young runaway girl Enid, who somewhat helps Glenn but at the same time proves to be a pain.

Back in Alexandria, the group tries to patch up the wall after the attack by the Wolves. We see some character begin to warm to Rick’s leadership, and some who are still hiding secrets- like Morgan, who still has one of the Wolves held hostage and injured in his home. Maggie continues to worry for Glenn, as Carol puts two and two together on what Morgan is hiding. Rick begins to show Ron, Jessie’s stubborn teenage son, how to shoot, which leads to some strange actions by the boy as he pockets a handful of bullets from the pantry. Will Rick’s kind heart to show others how to survive end up costing him dearly in the end? We also see Spencer, Deanna’s coward of a son, make more problems for the group with more foolish actions.

By the end of it, Glenn and Enid send out a signal- a bunch of balloons, that Maggie sees from Alexandria. Just as the sun begins to shine for her, the tower that was rammed into by the Wolves finally gives way, crashing down on a major portion of the wall and ensuring chaos for next week’s mid-season finale. I felt this episode delivered for one main reason: Glenn. The character means so much to the fans of the show, that he even made a comment after this week’s episode on how grateful he is for the overwhelming support of the fans. The story begins to pick up some more, as more dangerous elements are added to the mix (Morgan’s secrets, the destruction of the wall, Ron’s sleight of the hand with the bullets). With next week’s episode looming, we know something major will probably happen. Will we lose one of the beloved cast members? Maybe lose some of the dead weight in Alexandria? Spencer, I am looking at you. Will Morgan end up going toe to toe with Rick, Carol, Michonne, or all three? I can’t wait to see what happens.

Rating: 4 out of 5. Glenn is back, that should let everyone sleep well tonight. Let’s see what explosive components pop off in next week’s episode.

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