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Vault Comics is excited to announce two new gorgeous MIRKA ANDOLFO incentive covers for I WALK WITH MONSTERS #1.

Mirka’s cover art will come in three different versions: a regular cover will be available as a 1:15 variant, and a deluxe foil edition printed on thick card stock will be available as a 1:30 variant. There will also be a third, one-per-store virgin variant that will be automatically sent to stores who match or exceed their orders for Giga #1.

I WALK WITH MONSTERS is a thrilling, brutal, gorgeous rural horror story unlike anything on the stands.  This comic seizes hold of you from the very first page, and never lets go. The first issue sets in motion the monstrous conflict toward which the series builds, and there’s no escaping until the grim conclusion. It’s a perfect cross sell to anyone who enjoys Something is Killing the Children, Gideon Falls, Harrow County, The Autumnal, or any other character driven horror.

I WALK WITH MONSTERS is written by Paul Cornell (Saucer State, Action Comics, Wolverine), drawn by rockstar artist Sally Cantirino, with colors by Dearbhla Kelly, letters by Andworld, and design by Tim Daniel.   

Cover A (Cantirino): SEP201561

Cover B (Gooden): SEP201562

Cover C (Hickman): SEP201563

Cover D 1:15 (Andolfo): SEP208298

Cover E 1:30 Foil (Andolfo): SEP208299

I WALK WITH MONSTERS #1 hits store shelves on November 25th. The synopsis can be read below:

In Jacey’s past is the Important Man who took away her brother. Now Jacey has David, who sometimes transforms into a terrifying beast. Together, they’ve found a way to live to hunt, sniffing out men who prey on the vulnerable. But Jacey and David are about to run into the Important Man again. From Paul Cornell (Wolverine, Doctor Who, Elementary) and Sally Cantirino (Last Song, We Have To Go Back) comes a haunting story about the monsters that walk beside us all, and sometimes lurk within.


“It’s strong, integrated aesthetic – grounded until it goes truly warped – makes me think of Redlands, Something is Killing the Children and the creepier end of Lemire. Continues Vault’s genuine hot streak.” -Kieron Gillen

“…a slow burn horror with real heart. Can’t wait to see more!” -Jock

“Like many of the best horror stories, I Walk With Monsters forces us to ask what it really means to be a monster, and whether it’s ever possible to escape from the realm of the monstrous. Equal parts character study and gory thrillride, this comic left me both disturbed and desperately eager to see where the story goes next.” -Charlie Jane Anders

“It’s one part rural horror, one part revenger, several parts pathos. Minimalist. Clever. Powerful. I cannot recommend this series enough.”  -Jackson Lanzing

“I Walk With Monsters is a masterful piece of comics pacing. Of horror creeping up on you. Children disappearing. Vengeance coming for the perpetrators via fang and claw. I liked it very much.” -Rob Williams

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