Semiautomagic Review: Magic, Monsters, and Mayhem.

Semiautomagic Review: Magic, Monsters, and Mayhem.

SemiautomagicDe Campi and Ordway Bring Terror to Comics the Right Way

By Daniel Schwartz

Contributing Guest Reviewer

Recently, Virtual Reality (VR) video games took the spotlight at the E3 trade show because of their immersive experience. Imagine a video game that not only immersed the user into the fictional world, but also stole their soul from their body as well!

Enter Alice Creed and Semiautomagic. A woman on a mission to use her magical powers to destroy evil in any form it takes.

When a family friend goes into a mysterious coma in front of his computer, Alice immediately goes to work to find the cause. After ignoring an ominous warning from a time-traveling acquaintance, (Who actually follows those warnings? Just look at the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow) she is able to discover the source of his coma and makes a terrifying discovery. He is not the only one. With an army of soulless gamers and world destruction imminent, Alice must use all of her powers to save her friend and the world.

Taking the reader into a world of magic and monsters, Alex De Campi showcases her writing talent as the story instantly draws the reader in. With a flawed lead character who makes some mistakes the readers would make in the same situations, she is able to put a human face on this powerful and mysterious heroine.

Backing this creative and fascinating story with his impressive pencils is Jerry Ordway. His art style is reminiscent of classic horror tales and matches the dark tone of the story. The evil smiles that he gives some of the villains will remain with you long after you put this book down.

Rating 9.5 out of 10. Semiautomagic is terrifying tale of magic, destruction and humanity. Readers and fans will be eagerly awaiting more adventures featuring the magical Alice Creed.

Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Alex De Campi
Pencils: Jerry Ordway